Egyptian authorities arrest members of LGBT community, claims magazine

A source claims that Egyptian police are using dating apps like Grindr to arrest LGBT individuals

It has been reported that the authorities in Egypt are arresting and detaining members of the LGBT community, having used gay dating apps to track down users.

According to lifestyle magazine CairoScene, an unnamed source has said that the Egyptian police have made a “number of arrests”.

“It is possible to tell a user's position within a few hundred meters,” the source added.

Egyptian authorities arrest gay men

Users have been uploading personal photographs to their online dating profiles which has made it easier for police to track them down. The source continued: “It baffles me how easily people are willing to share such personal information in a country like Egypt – it is beyond stupid. I would advise anyone to be careful when dating online.”

It is not technically illegal to be gay in Egypt but many locals have reported hostilities from officials and travellers can face problems if displaying openly their sexuality in the country.

Founder of, Darren Burn, said: “As with many destinations we recommend travellers exercise caution when displaying public signs of affection. Some hotels in Egypt will not welcome LGBT customers when asking for double beds.”

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