OutOfOffice.com take on Brighton Pride

A day of sun and smiles at Brighton Pride.

With post Brexit blues looming over the UK, the lively arrival of Brighton pride was just what we needed. On Saturday the streets were filled with countless rainbows and smiling faces, accompanied by gorgeous sunny weather!
The OutOfOffice.com team were out in full force, handing out leaflets, stickers and sweets at the parade and in the festival.

Once again we had our iconic beach balls flying around the dancing crowds!

It was great to meet so many friendly faces, and make our day just as special as yours. The atmosphere was buzzing, and the sense of unity was celebrated amongst everyone which is what Pride is all about.

We pride ourselves in providing a tailor made service, allowing you to have the perfect holiday suited to you. We welcome anyone from any walk of life, and are LGBT friendly.

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