The Top 5 Places to Visit to Satisfy Your Stomach

For the food lovers out there, here are the top 5 places to visit due to their culinary expertise

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is world renowned for its delicious unusual cuisine. It is home to Noma which was voted the world’s best restaurant 4 years in a row, and currently ranked 3rd in the world. Denmark is also home to 15 michelin star restaurants, clearly showing it is a country filled with talented culinary geniuses.

Bangkok, Thailand


If you love fresh zingy spice, then the Thai cuisine is definitely something for you. Pretty much every restaurant in Bangkok will impress you with their staple pad Thai dish, and their variation of Tom Yum soup. Thai spice is like no other, it’s unbelievably fresh yet can be very powerful and will definitely clear out your sinuses. A restaurant recommendation for Bangkok would be Cabbages & Condoms, which is just outside the busy city centre. This restaurant not only produces some of the best Thai food around, but is subtly combined with a condom theme! The restaurant created this idea as an awareness campaign for better family planning, and now is a popular tourist stop! The food is outstandingly tasty and is a nice twist on your average restaurant experience!

Jaipur, India


Jaipur, otherwise known at the pink city is regarded by many as the country’s food capital. It’s one of the only cities in India which still reflects the cuisine of the Rajputs, who were indian warriors who ruled most parts of India up until the sixties. Their food style evolved around their love for hunting which is why char-grilled meat is very popular in Jaipur to this day. The combination of succulent meat, fiery spice and a cooling raitha is the key element to any Indian dish.

Mendoza, Argentina

If you are a meat fanatic then Argentina will definitely tick all the boxes. Mendoza is famous for it’s perfectly cooked juicy succulent steaks. Sit down and enjoy, along with a glass of Malbec or Merlot and feel perfectly satisfied.

Lyon, France

France is known to many around the world for having delicious cuisine. Lyon is often overshadowed by larger cities such as Paris, however if you are looking for the best of the best, then Lyon is definitely worth a visit. Michelin starred chef and TV presenter Michel Roux Jr. boasts Lyon as the county’s food hub! Les Halles is a particularly good food market, presenting some very special classic dishes.


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