US LGBT+ Travel Index 2020

These are the Best US States for LGBT+ Travelers

The US LGBT+ Travel Index is a report ranking the most gay friendly US states which are the best US travel destination for LGBT travelers to visit.

2020 hasn’t been the year we all imagined at all. Sadly, we have all been impacted by the current coronavirus outbreak, and for travel lovers like us this has meant that traveling is sadly off the cards for right now, while we all do our bit to help stop the spread of this pandemic.

But the future is brighter! One day, hopefully in the not too distant future, we will be able to travel again. And aren’t we all counting down the days! It is most likely that domestic travel will see a reprise sooner than international travel, and so this year will be one of the most popular times for Americans to explore more of their very own great country.

That’s why we here at have compiled a new study ranking the best states for LGBTQ+ travelers to visit.

We analysed factors including legal protection for LGBT+ people, LGBT+ population, costs, things to do and overall happiness, to determine which are the best US states for LGBT+ travelers.

Read on below for the full results of our US LGBT+ Travel Index.


Coming out in the top spot as the best US state for LGBT+ travelers is sunny California. The sunshine state has so much to offer, from one of the most gay friendly cities – San Francisco, to the beaches of Malibu, and the star-studded streets of Los Angeles.

California ranked well almost across the entire board, only being let down by cost – with it being one of the more expensive states to visit. However, it scored well for LGBT+ safety, boasts a high LGBT+ population, and of course, has plenty of entertainment options to offer. It has also been named as the 5th happiest state in the entire US according to World Population Review (who wouldn’t be happy with all that sunshine) which meant it scored high for overall happiness.

In second place as another of the top US states for LGBT+ travelers is Washington. The state of Washington also has full legal protection in place for hate crime against LGBT+ people and the state has one of the highest rates of LGBT+ population. Washington also ranked high for fun things to do, including thriving nightlife options, a host of national parks to explore, and the beautiful city of Seattle to wander around. founder Darren Burn commented: “In these uncertain and unprecedented times our prediction is that domestic travel will pick up quicker than international travel. We expect that the majority of our US clients will be looking at trips to places such as Key West, Hawaii and California.”



To compile the US LGBT+ Travel Index we analysed the below factors and sources:
● LGBT+ Safety & State Equality Index
● LGBT+ Population & Movement Advancement Project
● Costs & World Population Review
● Things to Do & Wallethub
● Overall Happiness & World Population Review

For each category every state was given a score out of 5. For overall happiness this score was double weighted. The scores across each category were then totalled together to give the total score for each state. The total scores were then used to rank the final results. Full dataset available upon request.

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