Cyprus is around 40 miles from Turkey and 480 miles from mainland Greece. It sits culturally as well as geographically between Asia and Europe. Cyprus has been inhabited for around 10 thousand years. It has come under the influence of many empires.

Granted independence from Britain in 1960, the conflict between its Turkish minority and Greek Cypriot majority boiled over. The Turks invaded in 1974 and took over around a third of the island. It is divided to this day.

Cyprus is a hugely popular holiday destination. Its climate, cuisine and stunning landscapes make it an irresistible destination.

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LGBT Rights in Cyprus

Hotels in Cyprus

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Getting to Cyprus

You can get direct flights to Cyprus year round from most major European cities. As Cyprus is only an island there are less direct flights. Travellers from the Americas will need to fly to a European capital to get a connecting flight to Cyprus.

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General Information

Many cultural and culinary traditions have influenced Cyprus. It’s the native home of halloumi and the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite. It’s also a major wine producing island. There are many historical buildings to explore, such as the 12th century BC temple honouring Aphrodite, Byzantine churches and remnants of the Venetian empire.

The Greeks began to arrive in Cyprus in around 1200 BC. Spectacular burial sites indicate that a sophisticated civilisation had emerged on the island by the late Iron Age. Cyprus is, needless to say, a big draw for history buffs. It’s also a great place in unwind the sun, eat great food and admire the dramatic landscapes.

Wine lovers will do well here. It’s a major wine producing area. You can explore the vineyards and attend wine tasting sessions. When you’re ready to explore the nightlife you’ll find plenty of places to go – there are even a couple of gay bars.

What Everyone Does In Cyprus

Explore Cyprus’ capital city, Nicosia. Check out the Cyprus Museum, the Selimie Cami mosque and the Ledras shopping district.

What Some People Do In Cyprus

Visit Kato Paphos Archaeological Park. It was inhabited from prehistoric times until the Middle Ages. You’ll find a diverse array of ancient Greek and Roman ruins – including Roman villas the intact mosaic floors.

What No One Else Does In Cyprus

Take a trip to The Shipwreck Museum and see the only preserved ship from the ancient Greek world, the Kyrenia Ship. It sank in around 300 BC, during the lifetime of Alexander The Great.

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