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The foremost destination for wildlife-watching, the Galápagos Islands are like no other when it comes to unspoiled beauty. With many of the plant and animal species only to be found on these Islands, an unforgettable experience is to be had to journey around their isolated and stunning habitat. There are many ways of seeing the Galápagos Islands, but many are very touristy and won't give you the best possible experience. We work with the best suppliers in the region to ensure that your holiday to the Galápagos Islands is memorable.

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7 hours behind the UK

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14 hours direct from UK

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Holidays to Galapagos Islands What to do in Galapagos Islands

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Unlike any other place on earth and home to some of the world’s most exotic animals, without the Galapagos Islands, Charles Darwin may not have been able to crystallise his theory of evolution which is now considered one of the most important scientific studies of all time.

Today, many of the species of animals can only be found in the Galapagos Islands and are classified as endangered which is why the conservation work done in order to protect the animals from extinction is vital.

There are many restrictions regarding tourism, however, you can still visit this beautiful collection of islands.

See the giant tortoises lulling around the grass and the Marine iguanas lounging on the rocks. It is definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

What everyone does in Galapagos Islands

Known for having some of the world’s most endangered species but the work the conservationist helps to save them including the giant tortoise. The money you pay to enter the

What some people do in Galapagos Islands

The best way to see these fascinating collection of islands is by boat. Not only do you get a real feel for the area but it also helps protect the environment as keeps the environment peaceful for the animals who inhabit the island.

What no one else does in Galapagos Islands

Visit the Lava Tubes in Santa Cruz. These fascinating structures were formed by lava millions of years ago. You are free to explore yourself.

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