Australia’s lack of gay marriage rights

GetUp! released a marriage equality video in November 2011 and it is still having an impact to this day.

When GetUp! released this video first time it moved a nation and sparked the movement of LGBT rights. Today this video still portrays an extremely important message.

Although there has been positive progression towards LGBT rights in Australia there is still one noticeable exception that same-sex marriage is illegal. The progress is getting there however, as there are now several anti-discrimination laws which protect the LGBT community within the employment sector and service access.

Same sex-marriage has been proposed to the government several times, however there has been no success yet.

GetUp! Is the campaign association which is fighting against marriage discrimination in Australia. They released a video which shows a gay couple progress through their relationship and eventually one proposes to the other. The reality in Australia at the moment is that LGBT couples cannot get married. There have been recent campaigns from the group which seem to be making a big impact on the public.

A high court judgement in Australia ruled that ending marriage discrimination is down to the Federal Parliament. There has been an outreach to Prime Minister Turnball for a free vote towards same-sex marriage. If this progresses, then this will be the first time Australian MPs can vote freely on marriage equality.

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