Luxury Customer Interview: Norway Honeymoon vacations

Customer Interview: Norway Honeymoon

Thinking of booking a luxury Norway honeymoon? Read on...

We were honored to help plan Lauren and Kara’s extra-special honeymoon in Norway recently. Their first adventure as a married couple led them to exhilarating snowy fairytale landscapes, dog sledding journeys, and being lucky enough to witness the incredible Northern Lights – an incredible, bucket-list experience. Our luxury travel expert Shaye got in touch with them to find out how it all went.

I’m so looking forward to hearing all things Norway. Let’s go from the top. How was Tromsø?
Tromsø was definitely my favorite, personally. It was such a cute little town. It was very walkable, and it had everything you would want and expect from a winter vacation perspective. We didn’t have any issues with language or anything too – I guess because it is like a “travel city”. They have some really great restaurants that we just sort of stumbled upon, just walking down some of the main streets and you know, saying, “oh, this side road looks cool” – and I think that was one of the coolest parts about it, I feel like everywhere you walk, you’re going to find a great place to explore.

That’s really great. Tell me about the hotels, too – how did you find the Clarions?
Oh yeah, both of them (the hotels), I felt were really good. The one in Tromsø had good space and was in a really good location. It was right across the street from one of the places where we left for our tours, and I think that they do a lot of the buses and stuff from there. And then it was pretty easy to find the main places to go and visit from the hotel.

Amazing. How were all of the excursions you did – the dog sledding, how was that?
Okay, so the dog sledding was probably my favorite! I think that one was like a smaller group, so I think there were like eight or nine people total. So that was nice, because you felt like you weren’t getting left behind or trying to keep up with what the guide is saying. Like, he’s talking to everyone. And we got to meet some of the puppies.

Oh my goodness!
Yeah, they had some puppies in a separate pen. So, they split it (the experience) in two – we got to kind of talk to the people first and sit in their little hut and just chat about dog sledding and the area, and ask questions. And then when we went on the actual sled, the sun had already set, so it was starting to get to nighttime, which was such… it was just a really way to kind of go explore because you can still see everything. And they pointed out, like, “here’s some moose tracks,” and we got to talk about the area and what they do, and competitions that the dogs have done. So that was neat.

And how was the fjords tour?
It was fun, it was a nice way to sit and relax – especially with us doing so many more active, walk around, be in the cold kind of experiences – that was a nice, warm, relaxing change.

And finally, what was it like being a lesbian couple in Norway? I know when I visited with my girlfriend, we felt very welcome, but it would be lovely to hear from your experience as well.
Yeah, I think just very comfortable. We didn’t have any awkward experiences or anything. I didn’t feel like I had to correct anyone or feel odd about being out of place. Just very welcoming – I feel like the culture overall is.

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