How to make a rainbow smoothie

To celebrate London Pride 2018, the World Avocado Organization (WAO) has shown us how to create a delicious and nutritiously layered, rainbow smoothie made with avocado – the staple of any city dwelling LGBT individual’s fridge!

Watch the video or read the recipe below to find out how.


· 2 tbsp acai powder
· 1 litre almond milk
· 1 pear
· 150g spinach
· ½ avocado
· ½ mango
· 75g strawberries
· 75g raspberries
· 4 bananas
· 150g blueberries


Create each layer and store separately in the freezer for 5 minutes allowing them to settle:

Purple: Place half a banana into the blender, add two tablespoons of acai powder, cover with almond milk and blend
Blue: Blend together the blueberries and pear
Green: Blend the spinach and avocado with almond milk
Yellow: Break up two bananas into the blender, cover with almond milk and blend
Orange: Peel and cut up an orange with half a mango, add one banana and blend with almond milk
Pink: Add strawberries and raspberries with half a banana, cover with almond milk and blend

Pour an equal amount of each smoothie carefully on top of one another into a highball glass – your smoothie is complete! Simple, eh?

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