Itinerary Based Travel Is The Future

Explore a country in depth rather than leaving it to chance

Planning for a holiday is fun. Or, at least, it should be. Once you realise you’ve only got a week to fit in what feels like an infinite amount of sightseeing and activities, the anticipation can slowly turn to heightened stress. Here are some reminders of why you should put your trust in one of our itineraries or ask us to tailor-make a trip for you.

Our itineraries don’t limit your freedom

It’s great to have a structure, but too much can restrict you. A holiday can end up feeling rushed, or a set itinerary may only focus on the obvious sights and leave you no time to explore for yourself and find hidden surprises. Out Of Office can cater your itinerary however you want, so you can stay longer in one place, skip somewhere, or be left to your own devices more often. All you have to do is ask!

You won’t get lost

There will be no getting lost down long winding streets that look the same, nor will you find yourself going round in circles until you miss your time slot for a gallery tour. You will always know exactly where you are and how long you have there-because you’ll have an Out Of Office expert to guide you if needed.

You won’t miss out on anything!

Out Of Office can suggest the best time to go to your desired destination. Of course, we can guide you when it comes to choosing the best time of year, whether you’re aiming for the most sunshine or the coolest, clearest skies. But we can also highlight any events or festivals that may be of interest to you around your designated dates. There’s no better way to absorb culture than being in amongst crowds of locals celebrating it!

Out Of Office is always keen to discuss worldwide Pride events with you. One that is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser is the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, a pride parade with a longstanding and powerful history. After the first march in 1978, the Mardi Gras has overcome police brutality as well as efforts to halt the parade in its tracks. Now, it is a colossal spectacle of colour, music and tangible atmosphere. Pool parties, cruises, fairs, talks, picnics with 80,000 other people on the grass by your side…and all that’s before the parade itself, created by a mass of costume, feathers, sequins and smiles. The 2016 Mardi Gras starts on 5th March and we can send you there. If you fancy something a little more low-key, just ask us and we’ll be more than happy to share other holiday location secrets with you!

Speak to Locals

No Stress – Especially for Groups

I’m pretty certain it’s impossible to try and organise a group of friends when it comes to holidays. One of you wants to see and do everything they’ve ever heard mentioned, one would rather dawdle in museums, while another would rather just lie on the beach for a week and only get up when it’s time for food. Choosing a holiday with a set itinerary removes all responsibility from you, which is perfect if the group has different interests. Out Of Office can suggest the best places for your group – somewhere like Brazil is the ultimate provider of variation. Rio is a collage of people and vibrancy, but you can also jump on a plane to Iguazu Falls to marvel at the cascading waters, so all your friends find something they love. Plus, don’t forget we can tailor most of our itineraries to make them unique to your group.

You get a clearer picture of the country you’re in

Instead of committing yourself to staying in only one area, or stressing over making sure you’ve left enough time to get to your next stop on your holiday, choose an Out Of Office itinerary. We’ll take you everywhere and anywhere you want to go, so you can really appreciate the amazing new landscape you’re in.

What next?

To get going, please submit an enquiry below and one of our expert team will get back to you within the next 24 hours to discuss your requirements. All the prices on our website do not include flights, but we can, of course, arrange them for you and include them in your quote.

Remember, there is no booking fee for using our expert team to plan and book your trip.

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