Six new adventure holidays for adrenaline junkies

Looking for a bit of an experience when on holiday? Here's our top tips.

Kicking back on a lounger under the sun sounds pretty blissful, right? We all need a bit of R&R every now and again, but we happen to think that the relaxation feels all the sweeter after some rigorous thrill seeking on an adventure holiday.

For when sitting on a beach and falling asleep with a book on your stomach just won’t cut it, here are some of our favourite adventure holidays.

Bulgaria: White Water Rafting

For those who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, or wet, get your fill of rafting, canyoning, trolley launching, and rope gardening in Bulgaria. Raise your heartbeat on the Struma River and Vlahi Waterfall by day, and raise the roof at the hottest gay clubs Sofia has to offer by night.

Canada: Mountain Highlights

Canada shows us it’s not all maple syrup and Justin Bieber. Escape for a few days and keep your head firmly in the clouds with this mountain tour. With the option for some excitement inducing activities like rafting, jetboat riding, and exploring ice fields, there won’t be a dull moment on your trip.

Sri Lanka: Culture, Elephants and Jungle Safari

Um, hello? Culture, elephants and a jungle safari? Need we say more? If the answer is ‘yes’, hear us out. Think of it this way, you’ll be swallowing chunks of culture and amazing Sri Lankan food, checking out some seriously exotic animals (we’re talking leopards, crocodiles and wild buffalo), AND you can play with elephants at an elephant orphanage (which is not nearly as sad as it sounds). Plus a host of other incredibly exciting adventures, like looking at a really old tooth that belonged to Buddha.

Italy: Sailing the Amalfi Coast

If there’s one thing Italians do well (aside from the obvious pizza and pasta related activities), it’s relaxing. So what happens when you combine that with adventure? For us it’s a combo of a luxury yacht, a spot of snorkelling, a touch of trekking, and a dab of diving. Take in the Amalfi coast in true Italian style “” with class and a touch of excitement.

Thailand: Cycling

Who has two wheels and a thirst for fun? Anyone who finds themselves Thailand way on a cycling holiday! It’s time to get back to basics (well, three and four star hotel style basic) and take the path less travelled to discover the beautiful northern Thailand. Say goodbye to tuktuks; you are your own tour guide as you cycle past rice plantations, waterfalls, temples, and even through jungles.

Nepal: Everest and Hiking Adventure

If you love nothing more than donning a pair of hiking boots and following your feet, we suggest you map out a route for them to Nepal. Your next climbing challenge could be your personal Everest “” because it’s literally Mount Everest. Start off in Kathmandu, then escape the madness of the city for some tea houses and the incomparable beauty of the ‘Mother of the Universe’. Plus you get total bragging rights to say you have climbed Everest “” well some of it at least!

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