Top Things To Do In Los Angeles

Here is the low down on our best things to do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to the nation's film industry and also considered to be one of the USA's best gay friendly places to visit. It is such a versatile city with so much to do and see. From day trips to the beach, to hiking up hills to get the best view of the iconic Hollywood sign, to strolling around Beverly Hills and a trip to the Hollywood studios, there is never a dull moment in this fantastic place. We have written the perfect guide which will tell you the top things to do in LA.

This city is known for its glitz and glam due to it being the home of the Hollywood scene. A trip to LA would not be complete without taking in some typically tourist attractions. Take a stroll down The Hollywood Walk Of Fame and take a look at the stars whose names have made it on the famous glittery walkway. Try to find Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's perhaps?!!

Why not take a trip to Universal Studios. It is a great choice if you are travelling with family members and want to have fun. Relive the magic of the most iconic movies in the history of the film industry. A two day ticket will set you back $119. Enjoy the rides, film sets and classic American cuisine.

For those of you who are seeking something more sophisticated, then take in the culture at the Getty Museum. It attracts artists from all over the world due to its abstract exhibitions and range of artwork. This hillside museum is accessed by a tram and during your journey you will see some spectacular views of the Los Angeles skyline. On your visit, explore the beautiful grounds that surround the museum “” it is the perfect spot to sit and have a picnic with friends. There are several restaurants and cafes on site for you to enjoy too if you don't fancy preparing the meal yourself.–X/

Everyone loves to relax whilst on holiday, break up your stay and add in a trip to the beach. The famous Santa Monica Pier is filled with shops, restaurants and an amusement park. The long beach is ladened with gorgeous white sand and during the summer the sea is beautifully warm. If you are looking for the perfect spot to workout, head over to Muscle Beach, known as the birthplace of fitness in the 20th century. Try out the gym equipment there or watch the local fitness fanatics show off their skills.

Los Angeles is also known for its vibrant gay scene. Head down to Will Rogers Beach and play volleyball with friends, swim in the warm sea, mingle with others or soak up those sun rays. It's perfect for those who want a change of scenery away from the gay bars and clubs. For those of you who want nightlife head down to Abbey “” one of the world's most famous gay bars. Coffee house turned vibrant bar and nightclub, you are sure to have a fun time here and meet some great people. It may be viewed as a tourist trap, but you have to visit it at least once whilst you are there. The gorgeous building is also accompanied by gorgeous waiters and apart from the expensive drink list, it's a lovely spot to meet with friends and have a catch up.

Take a hike up the Hollywood Hills and experience the famous Hollywood sign up close. There are several different viewing points, the main two being Griffith Park Observatory and The Hollywood and Highland Centre. Get there at sunset for some spectacular views of the city.

Food wise why not head down Alma. This quirky restaurant was voted the best new restaurant by Bon Apetit magazine. The head chef Ari Taymor opened the restaurant with the aim to change the menu regularly. This diverse restaurant grows a lot of its own food. This modern restaurant has grown in popularity tremendously but we recommend you book two weeks in advance in order to guarantee yourself a spot.

For the fitness enthusiasts, head over to Runyon Canyon and join in with the locals. This area is great for running, or for those who just like to sit and people watch which we are are all guilty of! Run to the top of the hills there and get a fantastic view of the Hollywood sign.

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