Visit Mongolia before everyone else does

The untouched landscape and traditional way of life makes Mongolia an incredible country you must visit

It might not be the first country you think of for a holiday, but there is no reason why it shouldn't be. This Southern Asian country has more to offer than you think and we advise visiting sooner rather than later. With the newly built second international airport due to open this year, along with two swanky luxury hotels built in Ulaan Baatar, it is more accessible and appealing to those who want to travel in style.

Its land mass is twice the size of France yet its population is less than a 20th of the UK's, this country is overcome with dramatic boundless landscape and natural beauty. From the vast flat plains, the labyrinth of rivers and snow covered mountain tops, wherever you look you are greeted with breathtaking scenery.

Mongolia landscape
Photo by Bayar Balgantseren Photographer of Welcome to Mongolia @mongoliaofficial

Start in the capital city Ulaan Baatar and treat yourself to a few nights in one of the new lavish hotels. The rest of your trip will offer a very different experience. Immerse yourself in Mongolian culture in every way possible and stay in a ger, which is the traditional form of housing used by nearly 50% of the population still. These circular huts made out of felt and waterproof coverings are equipped with beautiful authentic furniture and house everything a Mongolian family need with the heart being centred around a warm cosy fire stove.

Take a trip to Kharkhorin, which is known as the historic centre of the country. Here was where Genghis Khan built his empire which at its largest stretched from the Sea of Japan to Central Europe. He is to this day, a significant figure for Mongolians. Visit Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape which has been named a Unesco World Heritage Site.

One thing you will notice in Mongolia is the abundance of bird life that fills the clear blue skies. From eagles, hawks and falcons, you will see a vast variety of birds. Take a camel ride along the Yolyn Am gorge, a deep and narrow gorge in the Gurvan Saikhan Mountains in southern Mongolia.

wildlife in Mongolia
Photo by Bayar Balgantseren Photographer of Welcome to Mongolia @mongoliaofficial

It is the untouched beauty which makes it so attractive. The extensive remoteness is a huge contrast to the hectic, busy lives we lead, and escaping to this place where you can look around and find no sign of human civilisation but incredible mountains, vast plains, stunning river beds and barren deserts is majestic. With new hotels and airports being built, now is the time to visit if you want to experience the true Mongolian way of life.

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