Where would you go if you had a private jet?

Escape to exotic far flung places in style...even if it's just a dream, for now.

Every travel lover has that daydream that involves clicking your fingers and being transported to an unnamed paradise. You’re fanned, fed grapes, you run along a pebble-less beach in slow motion. For the slightly more rational dreamers, a private jet materialises with the promise to take you anywhere. Instead of being swept to an unnamed hazy destination, you can replace it with one of these…

Gay friendly French Polynesia Tahiti
French Polynesia

The twenty six hour flight time would go by in a flash on a private jet. After opening your eyes from your beauty sleep on a fully reclinable bed-chair onboard, you step out onto the white sand. Your feet sink into its warmth, broken only by the soft waves cascading over your toes. What look like miniature houses on stilts rise out of the water – that’ll be your room for the night then.

The dream-like reality: Tahiti, Tahaa and Bora Bora Escape

Luxury Holidays South Africa
South Africa

You get off the private plane, only to get into a cable car to stay in the air as long as possible. The view is great, but then you stand on top of Table Mountain and realise how much better it can get. Cape Town, the beach and ocean are far beneath you. After a quick coffee break, the hiking trail beckons and your feet lead you to further incomparable views, as well as plenty of plants you haven’t seen before.

The dream-like reality: South African Garden Route and Safari

Luxury holidays New Zealand
New Zealand

The fun never stops. You leap into a white water raft and enjoy the adrenaline from the fast-paced river. You journey up the spindle of the Sky Tower to see Auckland’s lights in the darkness, stretching all the way to the yachts in the harbour. Back on the ground, you walk the city streets, filled with friendly faces and lined with welcoming hotels and restaurants.

The dream-like reality: New Zealand Adventure

Luxury holidays Caribbean

If you work in a city where ten hours a day is the norm, you won’t be surprised if daydreaming involves you sitting around, doing absolutely nothing and loving it. How about a massage or perhaps do some yoga on the beach. Take a leisurely swim, saunter over to the bar for another drink. Maybe you tell your private jet pilot to give it another week.

The dream-like reality: The BodyHoliday St Lucia or The Cotton House, Mustique

Luxury holidays Necker Island
Necker Island

Private jet? Check. Private island? Sure. Necker Island is owned by Sir Richard Branson, so you can imagine the level of luxury it provides. Not only can you book a room, you can book the entire island for a holiday with a group of over thirty friends. Daydreamers, just think of the potential: the parties, the hot tubs, the infinity pools, the view. Sadly, this one may have to remain a dream.

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