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Yala National Park

Experience the biodiversity and wildlife of Yala National Park in Sri Lanka. Discover stunning landscapes, 350 species of birds and wild animals in their natural habitat.

Yala National Park in Sri Lanka is one of the world’s top wildlife destinations, offering stunning landscapes and hundreds of species in their natural habitats. From elephants and leopards to numerous other mammals, reptiles and birds, explore the abundance of wildlife Yala has to offer.

What’s at Yala National Park?

Yala National Park is the most popular safari destination in Sri Lanka and for good reason. Enjoy game drives and self-guided walks throughout the park to take in all of its beauty. Camping at Yala is another great way to experience the wildlife, with campers often seeing leopards during their stay. Birdwatchers can also take advantage of this rich biodiversity, being able to spot rare endemic species such as the red-faced malkoha and black eagle. Make sure you pack your binoculars on your trip.

As for more adventurous travelers, there are bike rental facilities around the park and visitors can cycle through the park to experience nature in a unique way. The Yala adventure center also offers activities like archery, zip lining and orientation courses. Don’t forget to visit Kumana National Park nearby, where you can spot even more wildlife! Between game drives, birdwatching and outdoor activities, Yala National Park has something for everyone to enjoy.

Highlights of Yala National Park

Yala National Park is home to an abundance of wildlife and natural beauty. Visitors can spot majestic Sri Lankan leopards, wild elephants, sloth bears, spotted deer, sambar deer and numerous bird species. The national park also has five designated blocks which each offer something different. Yala East has grassland where you can spot wading birds such as painted storks while Yala West is the best bet if you want to see leopards. In addition to the flora and fauna, Yala also features stunning sand dunes and five freshwater lakes that attract nature photographers from all over the world.

If you’re looking for an adventure, Yala National Park’s open safaris are an exciting way to explore the park. Visitors can join a jeep safari and drive around for four to six hours in search of wildlife like spotted deer, wild boar, leopards and sloth bears. Yala also offers walking trails where visitors can explore the park on foot with a local ranger. During these walks, you’ll have a chance to observe different species of birds as well as smaller mammals like jackals and mongooses. If you’d prefer to get out on the water, boat tours are available at both Yala West and Yala East lakes where visitors can spot crocodiles as well as monitor lizards basking in the sun.


Prepare for your Yala Safari

Before embarking on your Yala National Park safari adventure, make sure you have the necessary gear — bring a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, and mosquito repellent. Be aware of the hot temperatures in the area as well – be prepared to stay hydrated with plenty of water and light, breathable clothing. A pair of binoculars would also come in handy when searching for animals among the bushes. Most importantly though, ensure that you don’t forget your camera – there will be plenty of photo opportunities here.

Yala National Park is Sri Lanka’s most visited national park and a true wildlife haven — you can expect to find elephants of course, but also sloth bears, jackals and more native species. On safari rides through the park, keep an eye out for the leopards resting in shady trees, or take in spectacular views from atop Elephant Rock. Whether you’re on foot or perched high on top of a safari jeep, Yala National Park will be sure to delight your senses with its unique landscapes and impressive wildlife.

Plan an early morning or late night visit to Yala

Since the heat of the day can be more intense during the daytime, many of the animals are inactive. So plan your trip to Yala National Park in the early morning or late evening instead. This is also when animals like elephants, sloth bears and leopards generally get out of their resting spots for food and water. This makes them easier to spot on your safari tour.

Even if you get to the park at 7am when it first opens, this leaves you with over five hours of daylight to explore the grounds. We can arrange a private guide for you to ensure you see the best of the park but if you’re going it alone, make sure to bring along a map or sat nav since Yala National Park covers about 1,309 square kilometers and is filled with winding roads and hidden gems. This will also help you prevent getting lost in the wild and keep you near areas where there is greater wildlife activity. It doesn’t matter if you visit Yala National Park for only a few hours or decide to stay a few days; try beginning each day early to maximize your time in this beautiful place.

Best time to visit Yala National Park

Yala National Park is best visited during the dry season which runs from late April to mid-July. During this time, the landscape is less dense and animals congregate around water bodies in large numbers due to a lack of vegetation. Furthermore, game drives run more frequently with better visibility and photographic opportunities making it a great time to visit!

However, if you are looking to experience the full abundance of nature that Yala National Park has to offer, the ideal time to visit is during the monsoon season from August to October. During this time, the vegetation and wildlife thrive making it an ideal spot for wildlife viewing, bird watching, and exploring untouched nature. Additionally, due to a lack of tourists during these months, visitors have the chance to explore remote areas of the park in peace and quiet.

Which is better? Yala or Udawalawe National Park

When choosing between Yala and Udawalawe National Park in Sri Lanka for a wildlife safari, you should consider each park’s unique features. Yala National Park, located in the southeast of the island, is renowned for its high population of leopards, making it a top spot to see these big cats. Other animals in Yala include elephants, sloth bears, and many bird species; plus you can enjoy camping or jeep safaris while visiting.

On the other hand, Udawalawe National Park is a little closer to the main international airport of Colombo and is known for its herds of wild elephants as well as buffalo, sambar deer, and crocodiles. Jeep safaris and boat rides are popular ways to observe the park’s diverse wildlife. It’s important to think about your interests when selecting between the two parks; if leopards are your primary goal then Yala is where you want to be, but if elephants are your focus then Udawalawe should be your choice. Both locations offer incredible opportunities for incomparable wildlife viewing.

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