Gay vacations The Best Hotels for a Gay Staycation in the USA

The Best Hotels for a Gay Staycation in the USA

Luxury USA staycation guide

Domestic travel has always been big in the USA. Around 42% of Americans have passports, compared to 76% in England and Wales. The number of American passport holders has almost doubled since 2007. America is a vast country. As many Europeans only travel within the borders of Europe, many Americans prefer to travel within America.

The rise of COVID-19 changed everything and brought most of the world travel industry to a screeching halt. This pandemic will change the way we live for years to come. The travel industry is expecting a rise in staycations, especially in the USA. There are so many excellent hotels and destinations to choose for a staycation in the USA. Tour operators have been catering to a huge domestic audience for a long time. Here are some of our favourites.

Sunset Key Cottages

Sunset Key Cottages – Key West

Sunset Key Cottages in Key West makes for a perfect staycation in the USA. It’s one of the best luxury hotels in Key West. The property is located on a private island a mile from the coast. It’s easily accessible by ferry. The ferry goes from Sunset Key Cottages to Key West regularly throughout the day.

The cottages dotted around the island are luxurious and very stylish. They have the charming Floribbean style unique to Key West. Most cottages have direct ocean views and wrap around verandahs.

Key West is one of the best destinations in the USA for gay travellers. You’ll find many gay bars along Duval Street. The weather in Key West usually divine. It’s probably our favourite place in Florida for a gay staycation.

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San Ysidro Ranch

San Ysidro Ranch – Santa Barbra

This is a luxury property in Montecito, the most upmarket district in Santa Barbra. Oprah lives nearby. It’s a popular destination for America’s elite. JFK and Jackie had their honeymoon here. It boasts some of the finest views in California.

The setting is quite remote, making it ideal for a relaxing staycation. You can drive to central Santa Barbara in just 20-minutes, where you’ll find many excellent bars and restaurants. There are various cottages to choose from. All are surrounded by manicured gardens.

If you’re looking for some action, head up the road to Santa Barbra. You can explore the beaches, the Spanish-style architecture and high-end boutiques. It’s a small city 90 miles north of LA. Santa Barbra is known as the “American Riviera.” It has a Mediterranean feel, making it ideal for a sunny staycation.

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The Hacienda At Warm Sands

The Hacienda At Warm Sands – Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a charming desert oasis. LA is roughly a two-hour drive away. Like Santa Barbra, Palm Springs has long been an upmarket staycation choice for Americans – especially LGBT+ travellers. Palm Springs was the preferred stomping ground of the Hollywood elite back in Hollywood’s Golden Age. Many of the stars who parties in Palm Springs were gay. Its population is around half LGBT+ – yup, it’s one of the gayest places on earth.

The Hacienda At Warm Sands is a luxury gay male resort. It’s surrounded by mountain landscapes. The Hacienda only has ten suites. It’s not open to the public so the pool won’t be crowded. Men-only resorts can be a little rough around the edges, to say the least. This one is very chic though. It’s considered to be one of the best gay resorts in the world. A great choice for a staycation in Palm Springs.

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Hacienda del Sol

Hacienda Del Sol – Tucson

Hacienda Del Sol is a historic hotel in Tucson. Arizona desert landscapes surround the property. The Hacienda was built in 1929. Originally a finishing school for ladies, it became a guest ranch in 1949. It was a favourite staycation spot for Katherine Hepburn, no less.

The Spanish colonial architecture has been given a modern makeover, but it retains its original charm. There are 28 rooms and suites. You can also stay in a private casita. It’s a great choice for a secluded romantic getaway.

You can go for a tour of the Arizona Desert. You’ll see some impressive cactuses. Finger Rock Canyon is a great place to visit. You can also visit the Tucson Museum of Art and the Space Museum.

View Hacienda Del Sol

The Charlotte Inn

The Charlotte Inn – Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard is a popular staycation spot for the American elite. Many of the biggest names in the country have second homes here. It’s a dreamy island in Massachusetts just off Cape Cod.

The Charlotte Inn is one of the best hotels in Martha’s Vineyard. It’s a 19th-century building with an old-world feel. You don’t need to travel all the way to England to experience quirky Victorian style. This place has it in spades. The decor calls to mind the glamour of a bygone age. It may be old school but it’s not old fashioned. This a great choice for a romantic staycation, especially if you like hotels with loads of character.

Martha’s Vineyard is a great place to discover. This hotel is located in Edgartown, a port town on the east of the island.

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