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Iceland is the definition of striking drama, with a volcanic landscape of hot springs, waterfalls, glaciers, geysers and black-sand beaches waiting to be discovered. The lifestyle here is one that even suave James Bond would envy, where daytime attractions of ice climbing, hiking and snowmobiling abound and the vibrant nightlife scene in Reykjavik runs until the early hours. In Iceland you can walk from Europe to North America in seconds at the Reykjanes Peninsula which spans a gaping rift between the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates. You can also swim in geothermal baths, the famous Blue Lagoon and find a hugely tolerant and welcoming society. At Out Of Office we are able to plan and customise your perfect trip. From snowmobiling on an Icelandic glacier to taking a helicopter ride over a waterfall, simply let us know what you want to do and we'll plan the perfect getaway to Iceland.

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Iceland Info

Holidays to Iceland What to do in Iceland

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A country known for its incredible geological features including incredible waterfalls, exploding geysers, awesome glaciers, and hot natural springs! The capital city Reykjavik has lots to offer as well. A nice addition to all the nature you will be experiencing, take a stroll along the harbour where you’ll see all the fishing boats come in and out. For those who like art, take a stroll along Skólavörðustígur where you will find many galleries. You’ll then reach Hallgrímskirkja which is Reykjavik’s famous concrete church. We recommend a visit to the Einar Jónsson Museum where you’ll find many unusual sculptures. There are plenty of wonderful authentic restaurants for you to try in Reykjavik along with many cute cafes, which are great for breakfast. Of course, you can’t miss the splendid nature and wildlife. Due to its Iceland sitting on top of a fault line, where tectonic plates meet, it has many geological formations including waterfalls, geothermal springs, geysers, glaciers and mountain ranges, so a fantastic place to visit if you love geography and nature.

What everyone does in Iceland

It’s a must, and close to the airport so you can either start or end your trip with a visit to the world famous Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa. The water is said to have age-defying natural minerals and has also known to have healed several medical skin conditions. Due to the geothermal activity which occurs directly below, the water is naturally heated to a toasty 38 degrees centigrade.

What some people do in Iceland

Head out to sea for a spot of whale watching. Húsavík is Iceland’s whale watching capital and is home to many different species including humpback, Minke and killer (orca) whales. It is also common to spot Dolphins and Porpoises in the Icelandic waters so make sure you have your camera at the ready. 

What no one else does in Iceland

For those looking for an active adventure, a glacier trek is perfect. There are lots of glaciers in Iceland for you to choose from. A professional guide will take you up on top of the glacier and will safely guide you through it, and will point out many of the interesting features. An experience you won’t find in many other countries.

Luxury holidays to Iceland Weather in Iceland

There is a clue as to what the weather is like in Iceland. Due to its position, temperatures can get quite cold and it is also one of the few countries which experiences complete darkness in the winter and 24-hour sunshine in the summer. 

Iceland Weather in January

January is right in the middle of the winter season, so expect cold temperatures of around -2°C and around 4 hours of sunlight during the day.

  7°C - 13°C

Iceland Weather in February

February is similar to January in the sense that it is still very cold, however, the hours of sunshine increased to around 6 hrs.  

  - 2°C - 2°C

Iceland Weather in March

Temperatures are still cold, but again the total ours of daylight increases to around 10 hours. 

  -2°C - 2°C

Iceland Weather in April

April temperatures pick up a little with the daily average in Reykjavik reaching 3°C (still very cold!). On average, the sun will rise at 06:50 and set at 20:20 so daylight sunshine increases further. 

  1°C - 5°C

Iceland Weather in May

May sees a further increase in temperature as we get closer to the summer months. May also sees more rainfall than previous months with around 40mm of precipitation throughout the month. 

  3°C - 9°C

Iceland Weather in June

June brings more hours of lovely sunshine, with total hours of daylight reaching around 20 hours. Average temperatures in Reykjavik are around 9°C

  7°C - 11°C

Iceland Weather in July

July is very similar to June, long sunny hours of sunshine, with very little rainfall and mild to cold temperatures. 

  9°C - 13°C

Iceland Weather in August

Temperature wise, August is similar to the other summer months with an average of around 11°C. Daylight sunshine starts to decrease slightly down to 18 hours. 

  11°C - 19°C

Iceland Weather in September

The daily hours of sunshine continue to decrease in September down to 16 and a half. Temperatures also fall with this to an average of 7°C. September also sees an increase in rain precipitation as well. 

  5°C - 9°C

Iceland Weather in October

October sees around 10 and a half hours of sunlight each day with daily averages hitting 4°C. From October to April is the best time to see the Northern lights, you want complete darkness for the best views.

  2°C - 6°C

Iceland Weather in November

In November the weather starts to enter the winter season, the snow will start to fall and temperatures will drop to sub-zero. 

  0°C - 5°C

Iceland Weather in December

In December daylight hours decrease down to 5 hours and with this brings a decrease in temperature and some snow. It is a great time to visit if you want picturesque scenery. 

  -1°C - 4°C
More weather updates for Iceland coming soon

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