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Known as being one of the most cosmopolitan countries in the Middle East, Israel is steeped in history. In Jerusalem, a city where multiple religions collide, you’ll find biblical places intertwined with Islamic and Jewish heritage. Floating in the Dead Sea is a must do on your trip to Israel as well as ascending to the top of Masada, an ancient fortification before its violent destruction as Jewish patriots attempted to fight off the Roman army. In bustling Tel Aviv you’ll find beaches and a city atmosphere that lends itself well to the climate. Promenades and beaches are alongside cafes and markets as well as being the hub of Israel’s gay culture.

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A country rich in culture and history which also has a modern up and coming side to it. Tel Aviv is a thriving city, with lots to do and see. The centre has plenty going on and is only a short drive away from the beach. Explore this vibrant city which is known as the ‘White City’ due to the colour of the buildings.

Jerusalem is only a short drive away from Tel Aviv. Take a city tour here and get a feel for the history which still feels present in the streets. For the best city views, head to Mount of Olives where you will be rewarded with a panoramic picture of Jerusalem’s skyline.

Head to Mount Zion to visit king David's tomb, the room of the last supper and the dormition abbey. The list of things to do and see is endless!

A trip to Israel isn’t complete without a trip to the dead sea. The high salt concentration means that you float on the surface of the water.

What everyone does in Israel

Have your hotel in Tel Aviv and use this as your pivot point as it is easy to get to and from places. Explore both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in one trip!

What some people do in Israel

Add on a trip to Petra into your itinerary as it is relatively close to Jerusalem. Experience the beautiful architecture chiselled out of the pink-hued cliffs.

What no one else does in Israel

Since Israel is filled with many archaeological sites why not see them from above? Paragliding in Israel is becoming more popular and is a great way to see the ruins.

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