What It’s Like Being Gay In Israel

The country has a liberal stance towards gay life.

Same-sex marriage in Israel still isn’t legal, and civil ceremony doesn’t exist at all. Israel does, however, recognise same-sex marriage outside of its borders. Discrimination by employers based on sexuality was made illegal in 1992. A year later, gay, lesbian and bisexual people could be part of the military while remaining open about their sexuality. It’s still far from equal, but it is by far the most ‘cosmopolitan’ part of the Middle East.

The city houses plenty of gay nightlife. Evita bar hosts plenty of different things, including Eurovision karaoke, drag, hip hop and soul nights. It’s a very popular gay bar, always full of happily inebriated partygoers. World class DJ Offer Nissim is also from Tel Aviv and the city has a vibrant dance scene. Hilton Beach has become Tel Aviv’s unofficial gay sunbathing spot, and the waves are perfect for surfing if you fancy showing off.

The city of Tel Aviv is a hub of life, and its first Pride Parade took place in 1998. Over the years, more and more people have joined together in the streets of Tel Aviv to celebrate the LGBT community until eventually, in 2014, the after-parade party had to be moved to a bigger beach. The Parade is a day of loud festivities, community and appreciation, and still continues to be bigger and better each year.

Coming round again on 3rd June 2016, the masses will march under the slogan ‘Tel Aviv Loves All Genders’. This focus on the transgender community will celebrate their integral role in Israeli society, as well as pledging support for equal rights.

Out Of Office provides a gay group trip to Israel, ending with a stay in Tel Aviv. The city is famous for its flea markets as well as its vibrant nightlife, so you can find plenty to see and do. And if you get the chance, the Gay Pride Parade is an incredible, overwhelming experience to be a part of.

You’ll also want to make sure you check out historic Jerusalem whilst you’re in the country to see where religions collide and also the incredible history of UNESCO world heritage sites like Masada before taking a swim (or a float!) in the Dead Sea.

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