Four Luxury Instagram Travel Bloggers You Have To Follow

There are some seriously beautiful places on this planet.

Proving that Instagram isn’t where you post pictures of your lunch but the moments that should be shared with the world, these travel bloggers take luxury to a whole other level. Through style and substance, it’s impossible not to feel a longing to travel with world alongside them “” use these incredible shots to get an idea of where to go for your next holiday. They are sure to inspire you and make you feel jealous in equal measure. And if you want to keep up to date with our favourite places, be sure to follow Out Of Office on Instagram.


Describing himself as a ‘luxury consultant and adrenaline addict’, editor of luxury travel blog Poplar Travels Eric Fulton never fails to uphold these statements through his strikingly unique posts. Whether visiting amazing boutique hotels, taking the plunge diving into underwater caverns or getting into the heart of local culture every post bursts with colour and adventure, showcasing each exotic location perfectly. If his posts don’t inspire you to jump on the next plane to anywhere, nothing will.


Luxury landscapes and intimate candid pictures of wildlife prove that pictures really do tell a thousand words. Down to earth Dave Bourskill and Debra Corbeil (or ‘Dave and Deb’), married travel photographers who also run travel blog theplanetd, aim to inspire people ‘to step out of their comfort zone and realise their potential’ through travel. One look at an up-close photo of a yawning lion or an icy panorama in Antarctica, and it’s hard not to be inspired.


Specialising in luxury adventure travel, blogger, writer and photographer Matt Long quit his job to travel around the world – and it’s clear he has no regrets. His lust for adventure has taken him to every country imaginable, and provided some mind-blowing experiences along the way.


A more unusual way to experience luxury travel is the subject of Brian Kelly‘s Instagram, where his desire to explore how travelling first class for almost free using only frequent flyer and credit card points leads to a quirkier premise than most travel blogs. Odd as it may seem, it clearly works, with his pictures regularly delivering a spectacular display of extravagance.

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