The Top Things To Do In Las Vegas: A Three Day Guide

As you step off the plane, you know there's something good in the air in Las Vegas

This desert metropolis in the heart of America welcomes you to the Gambling Centre of the world with wide arms and a happy smile. Even the notorious American border force are jovial and engage in light hearted conversation as they pass you through, no doubt realising their success relies on your happiness.

Arrival: There's plenty of airport taxis/buses outside to take you to your hotel “” be sure to shop around though, each one will vary their price constantly – but keep to the official booths around the airport exit.

The strip might only be about a mile long, but there are so many activities for all the family to cram in. So why not just take a breather and chill over an early morning coffee at possibly the best independent coffee house in town, “Sambalatte”, just outside the “Monte Carlo” casino. They grind their coffee on site and you can watch the expert at work each morning; the smell is as amazing as the coffee!

You can then browse through any number of brochures and decide which is the best casino for you, or just go to them all! High on the list of best casinos have got to be neighbours “Bellagio” and “Caesars Palace”. Like all the casinos they contain the gambling floors, but these are probably most like the James Bond Casinos you've anticipated. The oxygen rich air and the perfume they circulate to encourage you to stay work exactly as intended. With drinks on tap and plenty of tables and machines the environment can't be beat for an enjoyable all-night gambling session.

Night 2: With all the money you've now won it's time to hit the shops. And, oh my goodness, there's no shortage of shopping. Every best designer brand you can think of from Apple to Armani and Versace to Louis Vuitton they're all here. Each Casino has their own mall, and each has their own unique design. You'll be seduced by “The Venetian” indoor sky cleverly projected on the ceiling to create perpetual romantic canal ways in the depths of the Casino. Or dazzled by the luxurious “Luxor” décor of marble and palm. But if you want to avoid more gambling temptation the biggest mall on the strip may well be “Crystals”, just bring the credit card!

The classic photos have to be taken before long, and it's a short trip by foot, bus or taxi down the Las Vegas Boulevard to the famous Welcome To Las Vegas sign, opposite the “Harley Davison” showroom; which is also worth a look.

After a hard days sightseeing you'll be wanting to look for the best restaurant in Las Vegas, to make you feel better after all the McDonalds and Fatburgers you've succumbed to. If you're looking for the best Steakhouse, you can't do much better than “Outback Steakhouse” outside “MGM Casino”. The quality and selection is amazing, and still very affordable. If you're looking for the best romantic setting, head up to “Paris” casino and book a table at the renowned “Mon Ami Gabi”.

Final 24hrs: If you're not already wanting to move to Las Vegas, you've done well, but there's even more to offer!

It might be a desert state, but even in Las Vegas there is natural greenery everywhere down the strip, making for one of the best Boulevards in the USA.

But the best natural attraction in Las Vegas is just outside, and there's no surprise it's one of the seven natural wonders of the world. A little afternoon or evening trip to the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Damn are only minutes away (that and a few hundred dollars) but it's well worth the effort and high on the list of things to do in Las Vegas.

Not to be out done, Las Vegas is also one of the best places in the world to sample the highest performing international talent. Several “Cirque du Soleil” shows run each night up and down the strip, while the “MGM” and “Caesars Palace” (especially) play host to varying international superstars every night with the likes of Britney Spears, Mariah Carey and Elton John. Tickets are usually available on the day (especially if you're willing to go solo or split up) but obviously the earlier you book the better.

Departure: Finally it's time to head back. Book your cab from the concierge and while you wait, select your next Casino to stay in. Will it be the best children's Casino “Excalibur” or a new style sleek modern casino like “The Cosmopolitan”. But that all depends if you're leaving a little lighter in the wallet, or not, I guess. I know for sure I'll be returning as soon as I can!

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