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Malta is one of the most LGBTQ+-friendly destinations in Europe and a world capital of luxury travel. There’s an abundance of five-star properties and visitors will be stunned by the gorgeous array of beaches and other breathtaking landscapes just waiting to be explored.

Here at Out Of Office, we truly understand the world you live in, and the world you want to explore. Our attention to detail, exceptional service and deep understanding of both luxury travel and LGBTQ+ travel make us a fantastic choice for those looking for a travel experience where exclusivity meets inclusivity.

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With its crystal-clear Mediterranean waters, rich cultural history, and glamorous resorts, Malta entices luxury travelers seeking both relaxation and adventure. Laze on secluded beaches or sail to the Blue Lagoon on a private yacht charter. Explore baroque cathedrals and medieval fortresses in Valletta before raising a toast to the sunset from your suite. From Michelin-starred restaurants to diving among shipwrecks, Malta tempts with experiences ranging from indulgent to off-the-beaten-path.

Home to multiple historic sites leftover from countless periods of occupation including by the Romans, Moors, Knights of Saint John and British, Malta is a veritable treasure trove of fascinating moments of cultural discovery. Amongst the numerous fortresses and temples you’ll also find a vast and eclectic arts scene that continues to bloom further with each passing year. Malta is also home to some of Europe’s most delectable and innovative gastronomic culture, encompassing internationally-inspired restaurants and cafes serving a more traditional slice of Malta’s edible offerings.

As well as boasting a dazzling cultural heritage, Malta is also a year-round destination that claims an incredibly inclusive and welcoming society. Whilst the balmy summer months may be the most popular time to visit the white-sand fringed shores of stunning Malta, the milder temperatures of winter continue to offer a warmer experience than many other European destinations and visitors will be able to enjoy a quieter experience of Malta’s most popular tourist spots.

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Malta: The Out Of Office Collection


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“My wife and I were unsure about Malta's LGBTQ+ friendliness - Out Of Office showed us the inclusive beauty of this unique destination.”

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Maria Gardner

Maria Gardner

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"Malta is a gem that too many people overlook when planning their dream Mediterranean getaway. My favorite area is the island of Gozo and its tranquil Blue Lagoon."

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Dionne Charles

Luxury Travel Expert

"I first went to Malta to discover more about the country's fascinating history; little did I know it's also home to some of Europe's most gorgeous and unspoiled beaches. "

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Malta’s tiny capital city Valletta is full of charm. It’s the smallest capital in the whole of Europe so you can make your way around it in less than a day. The city was built by the Knights of Malta after they successfully warded off an attack by the Ottomans. The Turks may have taken Byzantium and came close to the gates of Vienna, but tiny Malta held firm. Consequently, Malta still has a justifiably outsized sense of itself.

There are plenty of excellent hotels to choose from in Malta. It’s very much geared towards tourism. When you’re ready to explore you’ll have to see some of the cultural highlights, such as St Paul’s Catacombs and the Caravaggio paintings. The cultural wonders on offer are not limited to the narrow streets of Valletta however, and visitors will find a trove of fascinating sites and experiences across this unique archipelago. Gozo is the hub of tranquil relaxation in Malta and home to the greatest share of beaches and coastal environments.

One of the strangest, most exotic sites in Malta is Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum. Here you can see cave paintings that are even older than the pyramids. Once you’ve had your culture fix, you can head to Paceville and discover Malta’s nightlife.

Malta made history in 2016 by becoming the first European country to criminalize the harmful practice often dubbed ‘conversion therapy’. In this major step, Malta’s government reinforced its commitment to protecting the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. Same-sex couples can marry in Malta, and the country is currently ranked number one in the ILGA-Europe ranking.

One of the top destinations within Malta is its capital city Valletta, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. This fortified city offers visitors an opportunity to step back in time and experience Malta’s rich history through its Baroque palaces, grand churches, and museums. Walk the streets of Valletta at a leisurely pace taking in the stunning architecture or visit some of the city’s must-see museums such as St. John’s Co-Cathedral home to Caravaggio’s masterpiece – The Beheading Of St John.

Malta’s reputation for delicious food has been on the rise, and it’s no surprise with the island’s plethora of fresh seafood and locally grown produce. For an exquisite dining experience, look no further than one of Malta’s Michelin-starred restaurants. Among them are De Mondion, Noni, and Under Grain, all offering creative menus, top-notch service, and breathtaking views that ensure an unforgettable meal for their guests.

Malta is a small but incredibly diverse island nation, with breathtaking natural landscapes that offer something for every kind of adventurer. Explore the rugged cliffs and hills on a guided hike through the countryside, or rent a private jeep to embark on an off-road excursion. Don’t miss out on some of Malta’s top nature spots, such as the stunning Blue Lagoon, the impressive Dingli Cliffs, and the ancient Mnajdra Temples.

  • January

    10°C - 15°C

    In January, temperatures are cool and the country experiences short, yet heavy showers. There is an average of five hours of sunshine per day.

  • February

    10°C - 15°C

    February is a similar weather month to January in Malta, but visitors will experience fewer showers and a little more sunshine.

  • March

    10°C - 20°C

    March sees an even lower level of rain and slightly milder temperatures.

  • April

    15°C - 20°C

    In April, Malta's average temperature starts to climb as rainfall begins to fall.

  • May

    15°C - 25°C

    May is a great time to visit Malta as the island sees very little rain and an abundance of sunshine.

  • June

    20°C - 30°C

    The weather in June is perhaps the best. Warm temperatures and hours of sunshine make June the ideal time for exploring the natural environment.

  • July

    20°C - 30°C

    July is the best time for sun worshippers to visit Malta. This month sees Malta become hot and dry, but also very busy.

  • August

    25°C - 30°C

    With an average of 11 hours of sunshine per day, August is prime time for visiting Malta if you want to enjoy the country at its hottest.

  • September

    20°C - 30°C

    September sees Malta's balmy summer temperatures start to fall as humidity increases slightly.

  • October

    20°C - 25°C

    Though rainfall might increase in the month of October, visitors will still enjoy over 7 hours of sunshine per day.

  • November

    15°C - 20°C

    Malta's wettest month, November is the most unpredictable time to visit Malta.

  • December

    10°C - 15°C

    If you're looking to avoid the heat on your trip to Malta, be sure to visit in December.

If you’re planning a trip to Malta, the best way to get there is by air. Many airlines offer flights from the UK, making it easy to find a convenient departure airport. British Airways, Ryanair, EasyJet, and Air Malta all provide flights to Malta from London, Manchester, Birmingham, and other UK airports. Depending on your departure airport, the flight can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours.

If you’re planning a trip to Malta from the United States, be prepared to take at least one connecting flight. While there are no direct flights available, several airlines provide flights with just one stopover. Popular connection points for these flights include London, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt. Some of the airlines that offer flights from the US to Malta include Delta, American Airlines, United, and Lufthansa.

When it comes to navigating the small island of Malta, there are various transportation options to choose from. While renting a car can offer flexibility in terms of where to go and when, driving on narrow streets and dealing with traffic can be daunting for some. Public transportation is another option, including buses and taxis that provide service throughout the island.

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