Luxury Planning Your Gay Wedding in Greece vacations

Planning Your Gay Wedding in Greece

Now same-sex marriage is finally legalized in Greece, it might be time to start planning...

When Did Greece Legalize Same-Sex Marriage?

On 16th February 2024, Greece became the first Orthodox Christian country to legalize same-sex marriage, finally embracing love in all of its forms. Of course, this was a monumental celebration for all of us here at Out Of Office. We’ve been sending LGBTQ+ couples to Greece for years. It’s such a joy to know we can now send betrothed couples for a legal ceremony, and not just a symbolic one. Whether you want a full-out Mamma Mia fantasy, or a quiet and elegant ceremony with your nearest and dearest, we can help you plan your perfect gay Greek wedding.

It may even come as a shock to some that Greece hadn’t already legalized same-sex marriage. Greece has always had a connection to LGBTQ+ culture – in fact, the etymology of certain LGBTQ+ vocabulary comes from Greece, with ‘sapphic’ from the Greek poet Sappho, and of course, the term ‘lesbian’ originating from the island of Lesbos. Many famous Greek texts and historical records highlight same-sex relationships, viewing them through various lenses of mentorship, camaraderie, and even romance. Some even believe that the Ancient Greeks ‘invented’ gay sex. Whatever your thoughts are on the history of gay culture in Greece, this recent law change is long overdue and a massive step forward for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community.

gay weddings in Greece - two men getting married

What Makes Greece a Top Destination for LGBTQ+ Weddings?

Greece, with its sun-kissed landscapes, historic richness, and azure seas, has long been a coveted destination for couples dreaming of a picturesque wedding. Its unique blend of ancient culture, breathtaking scenery, and warm hospitality makes it an ideal setting for any couple looking to tie the knot. From the iconic whitewashed buildings of Santorini to the lush olive groves of Lesbos, Greece offers a diverse tapestry of backdrops for your special day. Whether it’s a luxurious ceremony in a private villa, an intimate beachfront exchange of vows, or a majestic celebration atop a cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea, Greece caters to every wedding fantasy.

For LGBTQ+ couples, Greece is not just a beautiful destination but a symbol of progress and acceptance. Following the recent legalization of same-sex marriage, Greece has proudly positioned itself as a top destination for LGBTQ+ weddings. This milestone reflects Greece’s commitment to embracing inclusivity, making it an even more appealing choice for same-sex couples.

If you’re looking to get married in a Greek Orthodox church, however, you may encounter some trouble as the Greek Orthodox Church does not currently sanction same-sex marriages. The Church’s teachings and interpretations of scripture view marriage as a sacrament reserved for heterosexual couples, making it difficult for LGBTQ+ couples to have their union recognized or blessed in the church. At Out Of Office, we can help you explore alternative ways to celebrate your union, so you can honor your love and commitment to each other.

gay weddings in Greece - santorini caldera view with marriage bouquet


What Kind of Gay Wedding Can You Have in Greece?

Greece boasts a huge variety of breathtaking backdrops for a same-sex wedding. There are various types of weddings you can have in this magnificent country, beyond the traditional church setting.

Beach Gay Weddings in Greece

Imagine exchanging vows with the soft sand between your toes and the soothing sound of waves in the background. Greece’s coastline is dotted with pristine beaches, from the famous shores of Mykonos to the secluded coves of Milos, offering the perfect romantic setting for a beach wedding. LGBTQ+ couples can celebrate their love under the open sky, with the endless blue of the Aegean Sea as their witness.

Clifftop Gay Weddings in Greece

For those dreaming of a dramatic and breathtaking ceremony, a clifftop wedding in Santorini or Crete provides an unforgettable experience. Couples can say “I do” against the backdrop of the sun setting into the sea, offering spectacular views and a sense of awe-inspiring majesty that adds to the magic of the moment.

Private Villa Gay Weddings in Greece

Greece is home to numerous luxurious villas that offer privacy, exclusivity, and elegance. A private villa wedding allows for a more intimate and personalized celebration, where couples can customize every detail to their liking. Whether nestled in the hills overlooking the Ionian Sea or amidst the olive groves of the Peloponnese, these luxury villas provide a serene and lavish setting for your special day.

Historic Site Gay Weddings in Greece

For history enthusiasts, Greece offers the unique opportunity to celebrate your union among ancient ruins and historic sites. Imagine a ceremony with the Acropolis of Athens as your backdrop or amidst the mystical ruins of Delphi. These venues offer timeless beauty and a profound sense of connection to the past, making your wedding an event to remember for a lifetime.

Vineyard Gay Weddings in Greece

Greece’s rich viticultural heritage offers the perfect setting for wine lovers. Many vineyards across the country, especially in regions like Santorini and Lesbos, offer wedding services amidst the grapevines. A vineyard wedding combines rustic charm with the elegance of Greece’s stunning wine country, offering a scenic and tasteful celebration option.

Yacht Gay Weddings in Greece

For a truly unique and luxurious experience, couples can opt for a yacht wedding, exchanging vows on the deck of a private boat while sailing the Greek seas. This option offers not only privacy and exclusivity but also the chance to explore multiple islands and locations as part of the celebration.

gay weddings in Greece - lesbian countryside wedding


What Are the Best Islands or Cities for an LGBTQ+ Wedding in Greece?


Gay Weddings in Mykonos

Mykonos is the quintessential gay wedding destination in Greece, where the vibrant LGBTQ+ culture blends seamlessly with the island’s luxurious hospitality and stunning beachscapes. Mykonos stands out as a beacon of inclusivity, making it a top choice for couples seeking both celebration and serenity in equal measure. It also boasts a great gay nightlife – ideal for your after-party celebrations.

Gay Weddings in Santorini

Santorini, with its breathtaking sunsets and iconic blue-domed churches, offers an unparalleled romantic setting for LGBTQ+ weddings. The island’s dramatic cliffs and panoramic views of the Aegean Sea create a stunning backdrop for exchanging vows, embodying the essence of a luxury gay wedding in Greece.

Gay Weddings in Naxos

Naxos, often referred to as Greece’s “island of love”, presents an intimate and rustically beautiful wedding venue. Its lush landscapes and rich historical background offer a unique blend of romance and tradition, ideal for couples looking for a serene and deeply meaningful place to celebrate their union.

Gay Weddings in Milos

Milos, known as the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, offers enchanting beach wedding venues that are perfect for LGBTQ+ couples. Its volcanic landscapes and crystal-clear waters provide a naturally beautiful setting for a ceremony that’s as unique as you and your beau’s relationship.

Gay Weddings in Athens

Athens, with its rich historical tapestry and vibrant urban life, offers a dynamic setting for LGBTQ+ weddings. The city’s ancient monuments provide an elegant backdrop for celebrations, catering to couples who desire a wedding that feels timeless and traditional.

Gay Weddings in Lesbos

Lesbos, the origin of the term ‘lesbian’, offers a deeply symbolic setting for lesbian marriages. Its stunning natural beauty makes it an ideal location for couples seeking to celebrate their love in paradise. A wedding in Lesbos is not just a celebration of love but a connection to the deep-rooted legacy of LGBTQ+ relationships in history.


gay weddings in Greece - wedding altar over the caldera Santorini

Our Favorite Resorts & Hotels in Greece

We work with a huge collection of hotels and resorts all over Greece. These are accommodations that we know are welcoming to LGBTQ+ couples, and some of them have queer owners. To discover Out Of Office’s favorite hotels in Greece, head to our Greek Islands: The Out Of Office Collection page.

How Do Greece’s Gay Marriage Laws Affect Wedding Planning?

Ready to make it official? As you embark on the journey to celebrate your love in Greece, we’re here to guide you through the next step: navigating the paperwork for a legally recognized union. Bear in mind, that while Greece embraces your commitment with open arms, the recognition of your marriage back home hinges on your country’s laws regarding same-sex unions.

For the specifics – the documents, the process, the little details – we can contact the local town hall in your dreamy Greek destination, who will have all the answers. We at Out Of Office believe in love without borders, and we’re here every step of the way to ensure your big day is as smooth as it is memorable. Get in touch with our luxury travel experts today to start planning your ‘Big Fat Gay Greek Wedding’ – we can’t wait to start making your dreams a reality.

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