Keemala is a luxury resort overlooking the Andaman Sea. It’s surrounded by the lush Kamala Rainforest. Every villa in this resort is nestled in the canopy of the rainforest, offering a level of luxury and privacy not many can match. Interconnected by a network of jungle walkways, just traversing around the resort feels like an adventure. The design of the accommodation is both classic and contemporary. All rooms are inspired by the folklore of four different groups of ancient Phuket settlers. You’ll wake up each morning with panoramic rainforest views.

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  • Cost Category: Platinum
    • Spa treatments
    • Dramatic rainforest setting
    • Holistic programs
    • Picturesque cottages and villas
    • Swimming pool and poolside bar
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Room Options

clay pool cottage

Clay Pool Cottage

Inspired by the ‘Pa-Ta-Pea’ (Earth) clan, this cottage promotes their belief that staying connected to the earth improves one’s health. The clan would traditionally incorporate earth into their walls, roofs and even furniture. With course-finished walls, clay decorations and distinctive tribal designs, these influences can be seen all through the villa.

tent pool villa

Tent Pool Villa

This villa is inspired by the ‘Khon-Jorn’ (Wanderer) who were a tribe that specialised in hunting and trading. Its tented roof is a subtle nod towards their nomadic lifestyle and provides a sleek feel. The interior of this villa displays a motif of wildlife that is apparent in its choice of materials and furnishings. These villas provide amazing vistas of the forest with a partial view of the ocean.


Tree Pool House

This villa is inspired by the ‘We-ha’ (Sky) clan of Phuket who worshipped the universe. They lived in the trees to be closer to the sky, believing it would give them more creativity and liberty. These beliefs are reflected in this villa with its upper floor master bedroom, suspended furniture and through its use of wood throughout the accommodation. The bathroom includes a stand-alone bathtub and an outdoor shower.

birds nest pool villa

Birds Nest Pool Villa

This villa was inspired by the Rung-Nok (Nest) clan who lived ‘opulent’ lives. They were believed to be intellectuals and creatives: artists, astrologers and philosophers. To them, astrology was the key to understanding the future, often bathing under the moonlight to replenish their souls. Their pursuit of the finer aspects of life is portrayed by this villa’s intricate birds nest exterior.

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mala spa

Restaurants and Spa

Mala Restaurant

This is the main restaurant of the resort. It has a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere, fitting for any meal of the day. There is a ‘Healthy Living Cuisine’ menu available which uses raw, macrobiotic and slow-cooked food for those looking for a healthier option. Everything in the restaurant can be prepared gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free or sugar-free.


This pool-side restaurant and bar offer snacks and refreshments that you can enjoy in the sun and water.

Mala Spa

Keemala recognises their guests need to get away from the hustle of modern life and release their built-up stresses. Mala Spa uses traditional healing techniques to mend not just the body, but the mind and soul as well. They offer holistic therapies using medicinal plants combined with the background energy of our bodies in their Raindrop Healing therapy.

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