Luxury Honeymoons in Japan vacations

Honeymoons in Japan

Japan is a uniquely wonderful destination for a luxury honeymoon. Famously nicknamed the “Land of the Rising Sun”, it features a perfect blend of refined culture, tranquil beauty and romantic ambience, which makes it a fantastic choice for couples seeking a one-of-a-kind luxury honeymoon in Asia.

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From the bright lights of Tokyo to the tranquility of Kyoto, Japan promises intimate escapes for newlyweds seeking something a little bit different. Enjoy the country's warm hospitality and rich heritage, and take part in once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as sumo wrestling spectating and traditional tea ceremonies.

Newlyweds can indulge in world-class hospitality at peaceful ryokans with private onsen baths, savor exquisite kaiseki dinners featuring the finest Japanese cuisine, and cruise past Mount Fuji at sunrise.

Adventurous couples can head to Mount Fuji for hiking and climbing, or go canyoning or rafting and find majestic waterfalls and lush forests. You can even enjoy scuba diving and surfing at Japan's coastal spots in the summer months.

Japan offers romantic experiences in abundance, too. Explore imperial palaces and zen gardens hand-in-hand, treat yourselves to expert spa rituals, and stroll under cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Immerse yourselves completely on a luxury honeymoon in Japan, celebrating your union while forging cherished memories across this captivating island nation.

At Out Of Office, we specialize in combining inclusive service with exclusive travel experiences, and you can find more specific information on travel in Japan by visiting our Japan destination page.

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Honeymoons in Japan

For luxury honeymoons brimming with romance and cultural immersion, Japan proffers an unparalleled getaway. Elegant hospitality and serene beauty runs through the entirely of Japan, from lively Tokyo to historic Kyoto.

Newlyweds can retreat into tranquility at ryokans – traditional inns with soothing onsen baths and Zen gardens. Indulge in relaxing spa rituals and ceremonies like the tea service performed with graceful precision.

Stroll through mossy temples, past cherry trees in full bloom, and amidst picture-perfect landscapes. Savor gourmet Japanese cuisine like sushi and multicourse kaiseki dinners personalized by expert chefs.

Japan presents exclusive experiences that interweave seamlessly with nature and heritage. Take part in rituals like romantic Kintsugi pottery classes, or head to a sumo wrestling tournament to witness this ancient sport.

Here, couples can create precious memories, celebrating their union while discovering what makes Japan so very special.

Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle

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Things To Do In Japan

In Tokyo, get lost in the mazes of neon-lit Shibuya before people-watching in Harajuku. Visit the Toyko Skytree, the tallest tower in the world, for incredible views of the surrounding city. Stroll under blooming cherry trees in Ueno Park. Relax in therapeutic onsen baths and sample exquisite kaiseki cuisine.

In Kyoto, wander across Togetsukyo Bridge and through tranquil temples and gardens like Kinkakuji. In spring, admire cherry blossoms followed by a picnic under the canopy of pink fluff. Learn the art of the tea ceremony and calligraphy. Visit the Geisha district of Gion. Luxuriate in world-class spas, stay at intimate urban ryokans, and savor Japanese delicacies like sushi, yakitori and Kobe beef.

Osaka tempts couples with its lively urban energy, rich food culture, and warm hospitality. Dine at the city’s famous night markets, indulging in okonomiyaki savory pancakes hot off the grill. Stroll through the sprawling, castle-laden grounds of Osaka Castle before a couples’ massage with shiatsu techniques. At night, sing karaoke in your own private booth or catch a spectacular show of lightning-fast kabuki theater.

Nature lovers can head to Mount Fuji for hiking and climbing experiences, or head to Mount Yoshino, one of the best spots to view the cherry blossom in the spring.

Toji Temple

Toji Temple

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The Best Hotels For Honeymoons In Japan

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