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Holidays to Sri Lanka

Holidays to

Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka boasts a rich culture, with its many Buddhist temples and World Heritage sites. The enticing markets are a must-see, filled with friendly chatter and the aroma of spices you never knew existed. Out Of Office can take you beyond this, however, to appreciate the abundance of wildlife you can find further afield.

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Sri Lanka Info

Holidays to Sri Lanka What to do in Sri Lanka

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A country which has so much to offer from incredible wildlife to stunning scenery and a rich historic culture. It is the country you need to spend a good length of time in if you want to visit more than one place.

If you want to see the highlights, we would suggest a 10-day tour, starting in Colombo which has more of an urban city vibe. You will then move onto Dambulla and Sigiriya to see Sigiriya Rock fortress. Then head to Polonnaruwa which is home to many world heritage sites and is surrounded by beautiful landscape.

Your next stop is  Kandy which is known as the capital for "World Heritage Sites" so if you like culture and exploration, this stop is a must! You will then move to Pinnawala which has an incredible elephant sanctuary you can visit. Nuwara Eliya is the next place on your list and is known for its beautiful mountain landscapes and tea fields.

Spend a couple of days in Yala National Park if you are a big wildlife fan, as there are several safaris you can do.

Finally, you will end in Colombo where you can catch a flight to your next destination. We often recommend pairing Sri Lanka with the Maldives as it is only a short flight away and it's nice to combine exploration and adventure with some relaxation time on the beach.


What Everyone Does in Sri Lanka

One of the most well-known National Parks in Sri Lanka, and rightly so. A trip to Yala is a must see. Head out on a 4x4 jeep safari into the park, where your guide will show you the wildlife that lives there including elephants, leopards and crocodiles. You must also visit Sigiriya Rock fortress which was where the emperor Kasyapa lived and reigned for many years. On Top of this humongous rock, you will see the remains of the palace he built which was abandoned when he died.


What Some People Do in Sri Lanka

Known for making some of the best tea in the world, a visit to Dambatenne Tea Factory should be on your list if you like tea. You can see how the teas is made and the process right from it being picked to the fermentation, rolling, drying, cutting, sieving and grading of the tea.


What No One Does in Sri Lanka

Visit Sinharaja Forest Reserve which is the last major undisturbed rainforest in Sri Lanka. For those who love nature and wildlife, you will have a truly unique and authentic experience on this rainforest tour. The only way to reach the reserve is by foot in order to protect the natural habitat. With a canopy of trees reaching 45 m there is plenty of space for all manors of plants and animals to grow and live, including leopards and purple-faced langurs.

Luxury holidays to Sri Lanka Weather in Sri Lanka

The best time to visit Sri Lanka depends which region you are in. For the South and West Coast, the best time to go is between December and March. For the North and East coast the best time to visit is between April and September. 

January Weather in Sri Lanka

If you are staying on the southern and western coast you will experience long sunny days with very little rain. Northern and Eastern Sri Lanka experience more rain. Overall weather in January makes it a good month to visit.

  22°C - 31°C


February Weather in Sri Lanka

Enjoy hot sunny days, with minimal rainfall. In Northern and Eastern Sri Lanka rainfall will be less.

  23°C - 31°C


March Weather in Sri Lanka

March - is seen to be the best month to visit Sri Lanka, with the weather being predominantly dry nationwide and temperatures staying hot.

  24°C - 32°C


April Weather in Sri Lanka

April is also a highly recommended time to visit with the weather staying dry and warm.

  25°C - 32°C


May Weather in Sri Lanka

May is the start of the monsoon season so the weather will be windier, cooler and wetter.

  26°C - 31°C


June Weather in Sri Lanka

The southern and western coast will still be experiencing rain showers due to the monsoon season, but the weather in the north and eastern parts will be dry and sunny.

  26°C - 30°C


July Weather in Sri Lanka

July is very similar to June, in the South West you will still see the weather influenced by the monsoon season however the the North and East Sri Lanka will have great sunny warm weather.

  25°C - 30°C


August Weather in Sri Lanka

There will be a significant dip in rainfall in the southern and western coastal areas and in the North and Eastern parts there is also sunshine and little rainfall. Central Sri Lanka experiences rain and less sunshine.

  25°C - 30°C


September Weather in Sri Lanka

September is when the monsoon season is ending for the South Eastern parts. Cyclones are known to appear in September (but very rarely).

  25°C - 30°C


October Weather in Sri Lanka

October is a bit of a transition month, there is less rain, but not as much sunshine. October is a cloudy month. It is not advised you swim in the South and Western coastal areas due to choppy seas.

  24°C - 30°C


November Weather in Sri Lanka

In November the weather begins to pick up, with sunny spells and less rainfall apart from up in the hills and on the Eastern coast.

  23°C - 30°C


December Weather in Sri Lanka

In December. you will experience a lot of sunshine in the South and West parts of Sri Lanka however in the North and East, the monsoon season begins again.

  23°C - 30°C


More weather updates for Sri Lanka coming soon

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