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A sprawling oasis, French Polynesia consists of 118 volcanic and coral islands including stunning Tahiti and Bora Bora. Not only a beautifully serene spot for a private holiday, extremely gay friendly French Polynesia is one of the most sought after spots for honeymoons – and with romantic views at every turn, it’s not hard to see. Breath-taking sights and experiences are easily found here, with crystal clear lagoons and waterfalls, 2 extinct volcanos and black-sand beaches just a few of the striking features.

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Holidays to French Polynesia What to do in French Polynesia

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The highlight of French Polynesia is undoubtedly the iconic island of Bora Bora. Immerse yourself in one of the Bora Bora water bungalows which the island has become synonymous with. Swim in the famous turquoise lagoon that is renowned for its scuba diving due to the protected coral reef that surrounds the island. You’ll also find Mt. Otemanu, the dormant volcano at the centre of Bora Bora, the top of which you can hike to or climb. The island is perfect for those who would like to combine relaxation with staying active. It has luscious greenery and jungle which allows for incredible walks.

With some of the most luxury resorts on earth, Bora Bora is a bucket list destination and one of the most popular regions we cover as a company. Not only is same-sex marriage legal in Bora Bora, but it’s one of the best honeymoon destinations on earth. Many of the couples we send to Bora Bora come back telling us that the trip was a once-in-a-lifetime holiday.

You’ll usually be greeted in Bora Bora by an impressive team of locals who will meet you at the small airport with a traditional flower lei before escorting you to a boat for a short transfer to your chosen resort. Be sure to have your camera ready for the journey.

In terms of things to do in Bora Bora, you’ll find watersports amongst the most popular. Scuba diving dominates along with snorkelling but it’s also a great destination to take boat safaris, jetski, parasail and much more. You can also swim with sharks in Bora Bora at the famous Lagoonarium. When it comes to snorkelling, you'll find some of the best coral and marine life in the world in Bora Bora.

Bora Bora is a perfect honeymoon destination. Snuggle down with your loved one in a beautiful water bungalow on stilts as you watch the sun set. Enjoy sumptuous food in your resort’s restaurants - you’ll find Asian, French and South American influences in the region.

The climate in Bora Bora and French Polynesia changes very little due to its excellent location. In the wettest months of December, January and February you will still over two hundred hours of sunshine though.

If you want to experience more of French Polynesia though you can look at visiting Moreea and Tahiti. You’ll need to fly into Tahiti anyway to get to Bora Bora - which is about an hour’s flight away - and so it is worth spending a night or two there on the way back.

In Moorea you’ll find plenty of hiking and trails that zigzag through the luscious rainforests. Whilst not as visited as Bora Bora, Moorea offers something different and is a good combination if you are wanting to visit more than one island. Moorea is surrounded by a stunning blue lagoon and lies just 12 miles away from Tahiti by high-speed ferry. Again, it’s a perfect honeymoon destination and because it falls under French Polynesia it’s also one of the best gay honeymoon destinations. The ideal place to watch the sun go down or stroll hand in hand along its white sandy beaches.

French Polynesia is also perfect if you are looking to sail around the islands on a catamaran. You can either opt to stay for a few nights on board a dedicated catamaran or we can arrange a day tour which involves exploring the lagoons by boat. There's also the opportunity to enjoy a motorised outrigger canoe for the day with a small group to explore the islands and swim with stingray and sharks. For adrenaline seekers then you can skydive in Bora Bora - a truly awesome sight from the sky as you take in the view of the islands and the blue waters. Moorea has some areas which are particularly difficult to access except by quad bike and so make sure you book a trip to include a trip. Enjoy panoramic views, craters with steep hills for you to navigate its lush plantations.

As mentioned, French Polynesia is known for its wildlife and aquatic life and we can organise a private wildlife expedition which sees you search for long-billed dolphins, leopard and sting rays as well as grey and black tip sharks. You may even spot a whale or two in season!

Luxury holidays to French Polynesia Weather in French Polynesia

Known for its tropical beaches and all year round sunshine, French Polynesia is a great destination if you are looking for an exotic island escape. Temperatures during peak season can get very high and because of this, it can get quite stormy during some months. 

Bora Bora Weather in January

January is one of the warmest months of the year with average temperatures reaching 30°C during the day. Humidity levels are also high and because of this storms are frequent.  

  28°C - 32°C

Bora Bora Weather in February

The weather continues to be hot and stormy in February with temperatures reaching 30°C. The sea is around 29°C however precipitation levels reach around 228mm.

  29°C - 32°C

Bora Bora Weather in March

March is still a very warm month with average temperatures reaching around 30°C however there is less rainfall with only 171mm of precipitation. 

  27°C - 32°C

Bora Bora Weather in April

April is right before the high season, so if you are looking to save money but want to avoid rain showers then April is a good time to visit. French Polynesia receives around 127mm of rain during the month. 

  27°C - 32°C

Bora Bora Weather in May

May is the start of peak season, with fewer storms and rain showers, hotels will start to increase their prices but you are rewarded with glorious sunshine.

  27°C - 31°C

Bora Bora Weather in June

Temperatures drop slightly with daily averages reaching around 28°C but there is very little rainfall throughout the month. Average daily temperatures are around 28°C.

  27°C - 32°C

Bora Bora Weather in July

July is the same as June with average temperatures hitting around 27°C. The cooler temperatures leads to less rainfall and humidity levels are also lower. 

  26°C - 31°C

Bora Bora Weather in August

August continues to be a hot month and also the dryest with only 47mm of rainfall. Average daily temperatures hit 27°C. 

  26°C - 31°C

Bora Bora Weather in September

September is a pleasant month, temperatures are a little cooler and there is still very little rainfall. Resorts will begin to become less crowded with schools starting again. 

  27°C - 32°C

Bora Bora Weather in October

In October, temperatures will begin to rise again along with precipitation levels. 

  27°C - 32°C

Bora Bora Weather in November

November sees more rain with 150mm on average and also warmer temperatures. With this, also brings the likelihood of storms. 

  29°C - 33°C

Bora Bora Weather in December

In December, the weather continues to get hotter and precipitation levels reach 247mm.  

  30°C - 35°C
More weather updates for French Polynesia coming soon

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