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There's a reason that the USA is so popular with tourists from far and wide. Its ease of access from mainland Europe and the varied nature of its landscapes, cities and people is undoubtedly its biggest attraction. Out Of Office has great rates at some of the very best hotels in the USA and can build the perfect custom itinerary for you - why not see if we can beat a quote for a stay in a hotel. We're often more competitive than some of the online booking websites and can arrange your flights too.

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Holidays to USA What to do in USA

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Unlimited possibilities and a country which you will most likely have to visit more than once if you want to see its main states unless you are not limited to a time frame. It is hard to think of a country which has that many waterfalls, beaches, deserts, canyons, rainforests and glaciers along with loads of intriguing cities to explore.

Where to even start? Well, New York deserves a mention with its buzzing atmosphere, bright lights and the organised network of concrete buildings. It attracts all kinds of people because it has so much to offer. The shopping, the Broadway shows, the sightseeing, the history the art and the American sport means your days will never be boring.

Of course, there are other cities which are just as exciting. Las Vegas is a whirlwind of an experience, the city never stops and it is a lot to take in. Outside of this buzzing city, you have one of the world’s most extraordinary geological formations, the Grand Canyon.

If you want that city beach vibe then Miami will tick all the boxes, the bustling city life is complimented with the beautiful beaches. Combine Miami with Key West if you want a bit of city exploration combined with relaxation.

Los Angeles is all about the lights, camera and action. Home to the famous Hollywood, the chances of you bumping into a celebrity in Beverly Hills is high.

That is only a few of its big cities, there are plenty more. If you don’t mind the miles of driving then a great way to explore is by car. Route 66 is one of the famous road trip roots you can take where you will stop at Chicago, Tulsa, Texas, New Mexico, Las Vegas and Los Angeles along with several places in between.

It's hard to sum up this wonderful country in a few words but it’s safe to say you can do pretty much anything there.

What everyone does in USA

Since the country is so big it is hard to say what most people do but New York is definitely a must see due to the fact there is so much going on in the big apple!

What some people do in USA

Twin centring two places together is a great idea as it doesn’t necessarily require much time. Examples are Miami and Key West, Boston and Provincetown or Los Angeles and Palm Springs.

What no one else does in USA

See a whole other side to the USA and head to Alaska. Filled with vast glaciers and mountain ranges, it is the perfect place to visit if you fancy a physical challenge.

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