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An ever popular tourist destination and bursting at the seams with culture, it’s little wonder that myths and legends were born here. Popular with partiers and culture-lovers alike, Greece is known for its sandy beaches and nightlife, alongside ancient landmarks most famously found in Athens. With so many islands to choose from, there’s something to suit every vibe: Mykonos and Santorini are perfect for a bustling party atmosphere, but a little off the beaten track lie tranquil gems such as Out Of Office favourites Naxos, Skopelos or The Odyssey’s legendary Ithaca. Start planning your Greek Islands holiday now.

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  • Villa Azzurro
    Villa Azzurro is a beautiful villa in Mykonos and is the ideal place for a private and exclusive holiday. Up to 12 people can enjoy this villa with plenty of communal areas but little areas to hide away too. Located between three idyllic beaches and just moments from the town ...
  • Canaves Oia Suites
    One of Santorini's most iconic properties, Canaves Oia Suites is a luxury property with stunning suites, many complete with their own private pools. The property was the traditional winery in the 17th century and can be found carved into the cliff face. Santorian architecture is synonymous with this property and ...
  • Villa Alice
    This four-bedroom Mykonos villa with private pool and incredible sea view is in beautiful Elia Beach. Villa Alice is characterised by its design which fits perfectly into the rough Mykonian landscape whilst offering guests a peaceful place to relax and enjoy. The villa in Mykonos features open-plan living areas with ...
  • Villa Paradise XL
    One of the best villas in Mykonos, this incredible property was built and designed by the Greek Architect Stelios Agiostratitis. With living space of over 900 square metres on a vast plot, the villa is built over two levels with unparalleled sea views of Paradise Beach that is in front ...
  • Villa Skyhigh
    Set in two acres of grounds, Villa Skyhigh is one of our favourite Mykonos villas. Near Elia Beach and sleeping up to 12 people, this luxury Mykonos villa has its own large private swimming pool, complete with a four-person jacuzzi. With an abundance of indoor and outdoor space, the furnishings ...
  • Capsis Elite Resort: Eternal Oasis
    Eternal Oasis is part of the Out Of The Blue Capsis Elite Resort in Crete. A short journey from Heraklion, the beautiful resort is set on a peninsula and has a number of different accommodation options. The superior bungalows at Eternal Oasis extend through gardens of the peninsula. Its Oasis bungalows ...
  • Capsis Elite Resort: Ruby Red
    Ruby Red is a boutique hotel on the Out Of The Blue Capsis Elite Resort peninsula. The interior décor of this boutique hotel, gives great emphasis on comfort combined with a traditional Greek touch. Natural colours of Greek marble and wood, influenced by the Minoan colours, are used as the ...
  • Capsis Elite Resort: Crystal Energy
    Crystal Energy is a recently renovated Hotel that is part of the Out Of The Blue Capsis Elite Resort. It is a modern-art boutique hotel offering 70 spacious and luxurious suites. The hotel offers the Fit 4 Life Fitness Lounge, 2 restaurants, a main swimming pool, a bar, lobby, virtual ...
  • Capsis Elite Resort: Divine Thalassa
    The Divine Thalassa is a selection of beautiful seafront luxury suites and maisonettes that form part of the Out Of The Blue Capsis Elite Resort in Crete. The VIP private neighbourhood is drenched by endless Aegean views and this luxurious retreat is composed of luxury suites, love story pool houses ...
  • Capsis Elite Resort: Oh! All Suites
    The OH! All-Suite Hotel is a luxury and unique hotel that comprises of 71 luxury suites, maisonettes and villas and offers sharing and private temperature-controlled heated swimming pools with each of its properties. As part of the larger Out Of The Blue Capsis Elite Resort, Oh! All Suites is totally private ...
  • Villa Astarte
    This luxury villa with its own private pool is a short distance from Elia Beach in Mykonos. Surrounded by beautiful Mediterranean vegetation, the villa has open areas with shaded pergolas as well as a barbeque area. Enjoy wonderful sea views combined with the villa's wonderful Cycladic architecture.

Greece Info

Holidays to Greece What to do in Greece

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Greece is a perfect destination if you are looking for a laid back atmosphere with excellent food to match.

From the Cyclades where you’ll find the stunning Mykonos and Santorini - ideal for a romantic holiday in the Greek Islands - to the capital of Athens with its titanic architecture and history, Greece has a lot to offer. Perfect for a history buff wanting to brush up on their knowledge of Ancient Greece, the city of Athens remains a treasure trove of original buildings and landmarks dating back to the 5th-century BC.

The famous Acropolis museum is a must visit and we specialise in arranging knowledgeable and private guides to ensure you get the best possible experience.

If you’re hoping to relax and catch some sun then head down to Mykonos. Known for its beautiful beaches and its summer party atmosphere and laid back vibes, the island of Mykonos has fast become the go-to destination over places like Ibiza. Still a quaint island though, Mykonos town has beautiful tavernas and a melting pot of wonderful restaurants. You’ll find cobbled streets and an abundance of boutiques.

For the perfect Greek honeymoon destination you’ll find the island of Santorini an ideal choice. With its rugged landscape - a result of a volcanic eruption almost 4000 years ago - the towns of Fira and Oia are set on the cliffs of a large underwater crater known as the caldera which was created when the centre of the island collapsed.

It’s a great idea to pair both Mykonos and Santorini and take the ferry between the two islands. The approach to Santorini is rather special. Most facilities on the islands close in the middle of September so be sure to visit then. Santorini is also a great hiking destination and the island’s resorts are luxury in both appointment and vision.

What everyone does in Greece

A trip to the capital city is a great starting point. The city allows you to experience what true ancient Greece was like back in its hay day. A trip to the famous Acropolis is a must, along with the majestic Parthenon. Visiting the many ancient Greek temples gives you a real feel for how important the Greek Gods were.

What some people do in Greece

Why visit only visit one island? There are hundreds you can visit, with each possessing its own unique charm and character. Mykonos is probably the most famous, with its beautiful beaches, classical restaurants and buzzing nightlife. Also a popular destination for the LGBT community, the locals are very welcoming. Santorini is definitely worth a visit, along with Skopelos which was where the film ‘Mamma Mia’ was set. A great way to see as many of the islands as possible is by sailing. You can do this by joining a group or if you already have a group we can arrange a boat for you. Sail along the coastline and enjoy the gorgeous mediterranean sea.

What no one else does in Greece

Tucked away and almost untouched, the South West area of Greece is the perfect place to visit if you are looking to extend your trip. This area may not be as popular as other areas of Greece but this makes it perfect if you are looking for an authentic Greek experience. The tiny village of Koita, which is located right in the South is the perfect place to visit if you are looking for a picturesque seaside escape.

Luxury holidays to Greece Weather in Greece

Greece is known for being one of the best Mediterranean summer destinations and rightly so with its long sunny days and unbeatable sunsets, The Greek islands experience hot temperatures in June, July and August, but September and May time are also good times to visit if you are looking to avoid school holidays but still want the sunny weather. 

Greece Weather in January

January is the coldest month with averages reaching 10°C in Athens. In the Greek islands, temperatures are slightly colder with an average of 9°C

  7°C - 13°C

Greece Weather in February

February is similar to January with averages reaching 10°C in Athens. Greece is lucky in the fact it experiences very little rainfall all year round. 

  7°C - 14°C

Greece Weather in March

Temperatures in March start to increase slightly, although it still isn't warm enough to sunbathe if you want to avoid the hot sunshine, March is a nice month to site see in Athens. 

  9°C - 17°C

Greece Weather in April

April is a pleasant month with very little rainfall and mild temperatures. 

  11°C - 20°C

Greece Weather in May

May time is when there is a noticeable difference in temperature with averages reaching around 19°C. In the Greek islands, temperatures can get as warm as 24°C. 

  16°C - 25°C

Greece Weather in June

June is coming into peak season with temperatures getting considerably warmer. Daily averages in Athens can reach 22°C and in the Greek islands it can reach highs of 30°C 

  21°C - 30°C

Greece Weather in July

July is one of the hottest months with temperatures reaching 33°C. July also has the longest days with around 12 hours of sunlight. Because of this, June July and August are the most expensive months

  16°C - 30°C

Greece Weather in August

Like July, August brings hot daily averages and virtually no rainfall. 

  24°C - 34°C

Greece Weather in September

September is a good time to visit if you aren't great with heat but still want to get a summer glow. Since it isn't as hot, prices are also slightly lower and schools will have gone back if you are looking to avoid noisy families. 

  20°C - 29°C

Greece Weather in October

October is where temperatures begin to drop again and rainfall increases. 

  16°C - 24°C

Greece Weather in November

In November temperatures continue to drop. The winter time isn't the best time to visit Greece because you can't really do any of the activities which Greece is famous for.   

  12°C - 19°C

Greece Weather in December

December has the highest average rainfall at 98mm. Again, temperatures are a lot colder compared to the summer months. 

  9°C - 15°C
More weather updates for Greece coming soon

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