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Providing an LGBT-friendly travel service and specialisation in gay weddings and lesbian weddings has always been at the heart of what we do at With the growing acceptance of same-sex marriage in more and more countries worldwide, we increasingly get asked where the best place to have a gay wedding is. An increase in the number of countries that have legalised same-sex marriage, it is now possible for couples to have a gay wedding abroad.

More couples are choosing to combine their gay wedding and honeymoon together. We have arranged ceremonies for a number of couples in exotic destinations, from South Africa to Bora Bora. We can help you with the arrangements for your perfect gay wedding and in lots of places, we can sort everything for you. From the wedding photographs to arranging the formal ceremony, we can help minimise your stress and let you enjoy the experience. A gay wedding abroad is perfect if you are looking for a more intimate experience, from a beach wedding in Riviera Maya to a traditional Polynesian wedding in Bora Bora, we can find something perfect.

With the law regarding gay marriage evolving all the time, it’s important that you recognise where your marriage will be legal and where offers a symbolic ceremony. We can help advise you about this and ensure that you can have the gay wedding you’ve always dreamt of. And then obviously there’s the fact that we’re experts in gay honeymoons too!

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Gay Wedding Checklist

Planning a wedding abroad is arguably more stressful than one at home. Depending on how far you intend to travel, you will likely not have seen the venue before you arrive and there can always be a difference between what you pictured to the reality. It’s important to establish what you want from your wedding. Do you want your marriage to be recognised back home or would you rather get married in the UK before you travel and then have a symbolic beach wedding abroad? There are a lot of questions to answer and when planning a gay wedding it’s important to ensure you are aware of the laws involved too. We’ve planned a number of same-sex weddings to destinations worldwide and are expanding our portfolio all the time. Submit an enquiry and one of our expert team will give you a call for an initial consultation to start the ball rolling.

Gay Wedding And Minimoon

Gay minimoons are great if, for whatever reason, you are unable to travel to your honeymoon destination. It may be the wrong season for that particular country or you might not be able to get a lot of time off work. A minimoon is a fantastic solution if you still want to have a break with your new partner straight after your wedding. Whether it’s a weekend away to the Lapland Igloo hotel, or a city break to Rome, there are endless potentials and you can make it as fancy as you like. The good thing is once your mini-moon is over, you still have your honeymoon to look forward to!

Planning a wedding can be stressful and time-consuming. Enjoying an indulgent weekend away as a couple before you marry is a great idea. It gives you an excuse to go on that short break you always wanted but never got round to. And let’s be honest, it’s a great excuse to book another holiday.

Symbolic Gay Weddings

In many countries where same-sex marriage isn’t legal, you can still have a gay symbolic wedding. This means you would have a legal ceremony prior to departure and then you would have your symbolic ceremony abroad in whichever destination you decide on. The good thing about symbolic weddings is that it gives you a host of further destinations to choose from where you will still receive a warm welcome despite the lack of full equality.


If you are looking for a totally unique experience, then head to Japan and celebrate your love by having a Japan gay wedding. Even though same-sex marriage is not recognised in Japan, you can have a symbolic ceremony. It is the perfect destination if you are looking to get married in somewhere historic. Dress in traditional Kimono wedding attire and say your vows in a traditional Japanese temple. You will still have all the necessary preparations including a wedding fitting and styling. After your ceremony, enjoy a traditional Japanese wedding meal to round off the evening. Japan is a country filled with rich heritage and culture, there is plenty to do after your gay wedding.


The gorgeous Mediterranean sunsets, the traditional Greek cuisine and the beautiful hotels make Greece a wonderful destination if you are looking for a gay symbolic wedding. Same-sex marriage is not yet legal, however we can arrange for you to have a sunset symbolic wedding. The ceremony will usually take places in your hotel. We can arrange for you to have official wedding photos and a pre-wedding makeover. Enjoy a delicious wedding meal to celebrate with your loved one. After your ceremony spend some time exploring the islands. Our favourites are Mykonos, which is famous for its gay-friendly atmosphere and beautiful beaches. Santorini is another favourite and known for its boutique hotels and quaint towns. We recommend visiting a couple of the islands as they each have their own unique character.


Same-sex marriage has not been legalised yet, however you can still have a beautiful symbolic wedding. Picture yourself saying your vows at sunset on a gorgeous beach, the Caribbean is known for its romantic ambience and beautiful surroundings making it perfect for a gay symbolic wedding. Spend your days relaxing in your beautiful resort, snorkelling in the crystal clear sea and tucking into delicious traditional Caribbean cuisine. Take an evening stroll along the endless stretches of white sandy beaches, hand in hand with your newlywed. Have a break from the beach and head to the Arikok National Wildlife Park and jump off the rock edges into the warm waters.


For one of the most romantic destinations in the world and a perfect spot for your symbolic gay wedding, head to Italy and experience its beautiful cities. The country recently allowed civil partnerships, but not full marriage. Have your ceremony in Venice, a city known for its romantic ambience and architecture. Picture yourself in the canal-lined cobbled streets, or take a charming ride in a gondola. Head to Florence and experience the abundance of Renaissance architecture on every corner. Known for being a laid back city, it is the perfect place to unwind and relax as a newlywed couple. Finish off in Rome, the city of love, this place is famous for its abundance of famous sites, including the Colosseum, Vatican City and the Trevi Fountain. Spend your days eating gelato and wandering the quaint cobbled streets. A perfect end to a romantic adventure.

Best Gay Wedding Destinations

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

In Mexico, there are different laws for different states, therefore we advise checking with your travel concierge for further information. If you wish to have a legal ceremony in Mexico, then Puerto Vallarta is the perfect destination. Located on the coast, you can have a sunset beach ceremony followed by a delicious celebratory meal.

Tahiti gay couple French Polynesia
Bora Bora

Bora Bora is one of French Polynesia’s most famous islands and rightly so. Home to beautiful overwater villas, exotic lagoons and elegant beaches it’s the perfect place for your same-sex wedding. You will have the legal ceremony in the city hall which is usually given by the mayor followed by a traditional Polynesian symbolic ceremony at sunset on the beach. You will need to make sure you have completed a marriage application, copies of your passports, certified birth certificates, and single-status forms.

Cape Town
South Africa

Same-sex marriage in South Africa was officially legalised in 2013. For couples wishing to have a gay wedding in South Africa, you will need to make sure you have your birth certificates and a valid visitors permit. Divorce and death decrees may also be required, please call us and check if you are unsure or visit the website for further information.

Maui gay wedding

There are 8 islands where you can have a legal same-sex wedding. The law is the same on each island. If you want to have a legal gay wedding in Hawaii you will need to have with you photo IDs (passports) and a completed marriage license application. Divorce and death decrees are also required if applicable, please contact us for further information.

New Zealand
New Zealand

For couples wishing to have a gay or lesbian wedding in New Zealand, you must complete a notice of Intended Marriage at least three days prior to the ceremony. Birth certificates may be required as well. Whether you have your gay wedding in Auckland, Queenstown or elsewhere, make sure you check the current laws and processes before departure.


For same-sex couples looking to have a gay wedding in Argentina, they must visit the civil registry’s office ten business days before the intended date for the official ceremony. Passports and blood tests at a local hospital are required. Divorce and death decrees may also be required as well.


If you are looking to have a gay wedding in Brazil you can have a legal ceremony. You will need to make sure you have completed an application form and that you also have copies of your passports, original birth certificates and a declaration of civil status and single status forms. You must also publish it in the local paper 15 days prior to the marriage.

Blue Lagoon Iceland

In Iceland you can have a legal same-sex wedding ceremony. You will need to make sure you have your birth certificates, valid passport and a certificate of marital status (which must be issued 8 weeks prior to the wedding ceremony). You must also submit an application form from the office of the District Magistrate of Reykjavik and two witnesses must also write their names on the form to certify the ability of marriage. Divorce and death decrees are required (if applicable).

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