Meet Prince Henry: A Gay Fairytale for Children

Children's TV presenter Olly Pike is hoping his new book Prince Henry will start a conversation

Children's television presenter Olly Pike is hoping his new book Prince Henry will start a conversation to help include LGBT families and couples into children's literature.

Gay Prince Henry author Olly Pike

My goals are simple, equality and inclusion. For everyone. It's incredible to look back and observe how far the LGBT+ community has come, in terms of acceptance, in is what a very 'heteronormative' society. By all means this is a huge triumph and we can only thank those that have come before us and who are still advocating for LGBT+ rights.

There is still a long way to go, in my opinion, in terms of ending homophobia and discrimination completely. But as our world grows more liberal it is hopefully only a matter of time before no one stands for inequality.

The great thing about the world we live in is that LGBT+ families are becoming more prominent and their acceptance is becoming 'normal'. It's a huge, and beautiful testament to what love, kindness and acceptance can create. I am always keen to remind people though that there is and never should there be such a thing as 'normal'… and that is ok.

Perhaps this is the one thing we all really need to learn. We are all created unique and it's important to remember that what might be right for one particular couple, individual or group may not be for others. There is no correct way to fall in love, to raise a family, to live a life, but there is most definitely more then one way.

And we can celebrate this and just as importantly respect it. Now if we can teach our children to respect others and all their differences, no matter what kind of family they grow up in, then I think we are most definitely on track.

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