Celebrating your marriage or civil partnership? Well you probably have enough to plan without adding on the complexities of planning the perfect holiday with your nearest and dearest. If it’s a gay honeymoon you are planning then let us tailor-make the perfect honeymoon for you. At OutOfOffice.com, we’re experts in gay honeymoons and picking the best gay honeymoon destinations everything we do as a company is designed from the ground up to be gay-friendly.

Browse our suggestions below but if nothing fits then get in touch with your budget and destinations of choice and we’ll take care of the rest.

From the simple to the complex, we can help you plan the perfect gay honeymoon. Out Of Office’s expertise and our special deals with hotels worldwide will inspire you and entice you in equal measure. So give us a call to plan your gay honeymoon – or any honeymoon for that matter.

Our sales concierge team are experts at finding the best honeymoon for you based on your requirements and so once you have browsed our site for inspiration, submit an enquiry and we’ll start building the perfect gay honeymoon for you.

Miami and Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale and Miami are holiday destinations of epic proportions. Fort Lauderdale is known as the ‘Venice of America’ thanks to over 300 miles of inland waterways for you to explore. Its neighbour Miami has a reputation for glamour, beaches...

From 10 daysFrom £1359View Itinerary

Luxury Hawaii Island Hopping

This incredible trip allows you to explore some of the wonderful Hawaiian islands including Honolulu and Kauai. Discover the individual charm of each island and immerse yourself in the culture. Head on a Volcano National Park Twilight Tour, a catamaran...

From 13 daysFrom £3375View Itinerary

Hawaii Wedding and Honeymoon

What better way than to tie the knot on the beautiful island of Maui in Hawaii? With Out Of Office, we will tailor your wedding according to your requirements. Celebrate your nuptials on beautiful Poolenalea Beach, a secluded location, in...

From 7 daysFrom £1269View Itinerary

Florida Keys Island Hopping

The Florida Keys are some of the most beautiful tropical islands in the USA stretching across miles off the coast of Miami. Each island has it’s own feel and stories to tell and there is something to please everyone wherever...

From 12 daysFrom £2465View Itinerary

Cities and Valleys of the Great American West

Explore the heart of America with this itinerary that will take you on a journey of a lifetime visiting some of its most iconic cities and landscapes. Starting in Los Angeles, you’ll spend time in the City of Angels before...

From 14 daysFrom £1595View Itinerary

Boston and Provincetown

Pair up Boston and Provincetown on a Massachusetts adventure. Spend a few days exploring Boston and its rich history, then head to Provincetown for a beautiful seaside escape. Either take a ferry between the two destinations or rent a car...

From 10 daysFrom £895View Itinerary

Best of the West of the USA

The sites of the West Coast of America are truly amazing. You’ll visit some of the most famous cities in the world like Los Angeles and San Francisco as well as incredible natural wonders including the Grand Canyon and Yosemite....

From 14 daysFrom £1059View Itinerary

Ultra Luxury Thailand Escape

Stay at some of Thailand’s most luxurious resorts. Explore the wonderful land of smiles in style with a variety of marvellous cultural experiences including a rarely visited floating market in the countryside, a cruise journey on the river of kings...

From 14 daysFrom £4895View Itinerary

Miami and Key West

With our twin-centre itinerary to Miami and Key West, you’re sure to find the perfect American combination of sun, beaches and relaxation. Spend three nights in Miami before driving south to the tropical Florida Keys where you’ll stay in beautiful...

From 8 daysFrom £895View Itinerary

Dubai and the Maldives

This 10-day trip is perfect for someone who is looking for a combination of exploration and relaxation. Spend your first three days in Dubai where you will be part of the ultramodern luxury lifestyle. Go shopping in the malls, head...

From 10 daysFrom £1979View Itinerary

The Bahamas

Enter the tropical haven of The Bahamas archipelago. Each with sugar white beaches, glistening ocean and an excellent array of activities – each island promises, and delivers, paradise. Island hop between some of the most beautiful and deserted beaches in...

From 10 daysFrom £1295View Itinerary

Aruba and Curacao

If you’re looking for something above and beyond pure paradise then look no further. Renowned for the quintessential Caribbean experience – think white sands and swaying palm trees – Aruba and Curacao is one of our favourite twin-centre Caribbean holidays....

From 7 daysFrom £995View Itinerary

Sailing in the Maldives

The Maldives is one of the most stunning holiday destinations. It’s a country comprised of over a thousand coral islands in the Indian ocean – only around 200 of them are inhabited. The crystal clear waters and stunning marine life...

From 8 daysFrom £1695View Itinerary

Thailand Honeymoon and Wedding

Thailand is a fascinating destination and this itinerary allows you to have a symbolic ceremony whilst also enjoying time with your loved one. Explore Thailand’s culture in both Bangkok and Chiang Mai where you’ll take part in a symbolic Lanna...

From 14 daysFrom £2895View Itinerary

Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai

This luxury itinerary takes in three of Thailand’s best known destinations – Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. Staying in the beautiful Anantara Resorts, you’ll find luxury and exquisite service. Spend time in Bangkok getting under the skin of Thailand’s...

From 10 daysFrom £1995View Itinerary

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